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Reopening Florida Theme Parks Universal Orlando Officials Discuss Potential Limitations

As the world is eager to get back to normal, the reopening of Florida theme parks like Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World has been a topic of lengthy discussion among both park officials and pining fans. Theme park officials intend to err on the side of caution when planning on how they go about restoring their businesses. While no concrete plans or tentative dates have been decided on, John Sprouls, the chief administrative officer for Universal Orlando Resort, offered some details on what may come following reopenings during meetings with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis’ Re-Open Florida Task Force, which consists of leaders from industrial, educational, and government backgrounds, has been meeting via telephone conference calls to discuss the potential options for reopening Florida’s businesses.

Sprouls was quoted in a FOX 35 Orlando report during a meeting about tourism, mentioning that the parks would have to start with small crowds, reopening with limited admissions.

“We are obviously thinking a lot about when and how to reopen,” Sprouls said. “We’ve got multiple teams working on a number of different scenarios.”

As for the rides themselves, Sprouls imagined the possibility of every other seat and every other row in the cars staying empty to continue maintaining social distance and to mitigate future spreading of COVID-19.

He said that all decisions to reopen the parks would be guided by state, local and health officials.

Theme park reopening concerns reach far beyond just rides, however.

There are also hotels, sit-down dining, fast-food, nightclubs, retail, and TV and film productions to consider, all of which would have different requirements for safe operation.

Other issues discussed during the task force meeting included not only screening employees, but also visitors, and how to suppress excessive lines.

Now we just patiently wait to learn exactly which actions will be put in place and when exactly we can crawl back onto the coasters once again.

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