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SeaWorld Orlando Is Offering Major Discounts On Their Dolphin Encounters This Month

To honor Dolphin Awareness Month, SeaWorld Orlando is offering discounts on their dolphin encounters.

To celebrate Dolphin Awareness Month, SeaWorld Orlando is offering discounts on their dolphin encounters and dolphin up-close tours. They are offering 30 percent off on both of their dolphin experiences at their sister park, Dolphin Cove

For only $14, guests can do the dolphin encounter and feeding. During this experience, you can see how SeaWorld cares for their dolphins, participate in a training session, and then touch and feed a dolphin. You'll have an opportunity to have your picture taken while interacting with dolphins too. The total experience lasts about 15 minutes.

For $31.50, guests can book an up-close tour. In the up-close tour, guests have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of a SeaWorld dolphin care specialist while also being educated on the animal's behavior, training techniques, and the care provided. This tour lasts about 30 minutes long.

The offer is valid through March 17th, 2019 and visitation is valid through March 31st, 2019.

SeaWorld are also offering discounts on their killer whale tours. Technically, the orca (killer whale) is a dolphin, the largest in fact. Dolphins belong to a group of mammals called cetaceans, a group which also contains porpoises and whales.

SeaWorld Orlando's killer whale up-close tours are 15 percent off.

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It's #DolphinAwarenessMonth! Follow along in March to learn about these beautiful and inspiring animals, like Dash. Fun fact: Dash helped open #DiscoveryCove in 2000! pic.twitter.com/0VEKK9RFp5

March 4, 2019

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Visit SeaWorld's website here for more information.