This Restaurant In Orlando Will Make you Feel Like You're At A 1950s Drive-In Theater

Wear your cutest vintage polka dot dress and don't forget the updo!

This Restaurant In Orlando Will Make you Feel Like You're At A 1950s Drive-In Theater
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Long gone are the '50s, the golden age of vintage cars, classy updos and dates in your cutest polka dot dress to the local drive-in. If you feel like you should have been born in a different time, you can relive the past by dining at this restaurant in Florida that looks just like a classic drive-in theater - and you sit in vintage cars.

The Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant at Walt Disney World Orlando's Hollywood Studios is one of the most unique places in the state to grab a bite and watch a flick. With cute colored cars that have places to stash your snacks and drinks, you can cuddle up cute with your boo, put your feet on the dash and watch a movie on the big screen ahead.

They're even known to stay on the theme keeping their movies as nostalgic as the decor, by playing spooky classic Sci-Fi clips in black and white. This place is seriously darling and makes for the most perfect retro-inspired photos for your Insta-feed. Check out some photos from The Sci-Fi Dine-In below:

You'll have all the best comfort food like the classic American cheeseburger with fries, or you can treat yourself to a pan-seared shrimp pasta Their menu is huge with a variety of options for every type of pallet. If you're only wanting to satisfy that sweet tooth, go with an Oreo Milkshake or a classic hot fudge Sundae, served in a glass cup like in the good ol' days and topped off with irresistible whipped cream and a cherry.

Being Disney, the Sci-Fi Dine-In is generally really busy, but thankfully they are usually quick to get you in! Most reviews posted by guests regarding wait time only experienced about a 10-15 minute wait time, which is comparable to most busy restaurants outside of Disney too. Many of the reviews on Yelp recommend making a reservation to guarantee a car seat - otherwise, you may end up at a table.

If you're ready to travel back in time with one of the most unique dining experiences Florida has to offer, The Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater is within Disney's Hollywood Studios on Commissary Lane located at 351 S. Studio Dr., Orlando, FL.

For more information, to see their full menu or to reserve your ride, check Disney's website here.