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Disney's New Interactive 'Star Wars' Ride Is Finally Opening Next Week

“The Force is strong with this one."

Buckle up, Star Wars fans, it's time to finally live out your dreams of flying the Millennium Falcon! People will be queuing up at Disney World Orlando on August 29 for the newest addition to Galaxy's Edge with this interactive flight simulation.

The story goes like this: after the events of Episode VII: The Force Awakens and Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, Chewie and Rey are on the hunt for parts to fix up the damaged Millennium Falcon.

They meet up with Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka (who originally appeared in the animated Clone Wars in 2009) and broker a deal to use the Falcon in Hondo’s smuggling missions in exchange for his mechanic aid.

So, who will be piloting the Falcon on these smuggling runs, you might ask? Why, freelance crews such yourself and four friends would do just fine!

The first thing hardcore Star Wars fan will notice when approaching the 110ft scale replica is that no matter which entrance you come into the spaceport from, the ship is exactly angled to mirror her first introduction in Episode IV: A New Hope. The queue itself is highly immersive—but we won’t give too much away since you’ll be seeing it up close and personal soon!

Once aboard the ship, you and your five crew members are assigned to three different roles—two pilots, two gunners, and two engineers. If you’re having second thoughts about waiting in line for a ride that only seats six at a time, don’t get your padawan braid in a twist.

Smugglers Run offers enough “cockpit pods” to send 1,800 guests into hyperdrive per hour. Your mission upon the Falcon is simple, but not without its challenges! When Hondo dispatches you to the planet of Corellia to intercept a First Order shipment of coaxium fuel (for faster-than-light travel), succeeding in all three jobs is the only way to complete the mission.

If you’re already getting FOMO over not being the main pilot, don’t worry—Disney has gone to great lengths to make sure each job is fun and fulfilling. Although the right-side pilot is the only one who gets to pull the infamous hyperspace lever, so you may want to decide amongst your group beforehand who will be getting that honor.

Oh, and don't forget, you can train to be a Jedi in Orlando too

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run

When: Opening date August 29

Where: Walt Disney World Orlando, Hollywood Studios 

Why you need to go: It's a MUST for anyone who considers themselves a Star Wars fan. 

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