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Super Nintendo World Has Finally Been Confirmed For Universal Orlando's Epic Universe In 2023

Our Universe is expanding, and it's about to be Super...Nintendo!
Super Nintendo World Confirmed For Universal Orlando Epic Universe 2023

Universal has been sprinkling tidbits of teasers and information about the rumored Super Nintendo World possibly making its way to Orlando for months now. While fans have been stoked over what’s coming to Universal Japan’s park and hoped that they would see something similar in Florida, nothing had been confirmed yet — until now. It has been officially confirmed that Universal Orlando will be getting its very own Super Nintendo World at Epic Universe in 2023!

Nintendo and all its characters have been a beloved classic for years, so it’s no surprise that it’s finally getting its very own themed attractions — and that it would first appear in Japan's park.

Orlando Business Journal confirmed the attraction on Thursday morning during the Comcast 2019 earnings call. “Nintendo Land” is slated to be the fourth land at the new Epic Universe.

The Super Nintendo Land will first debut in Japan this summer, just in time for the Olympics in Tokyo. The attraction is set to appear next in Universal Studios Hollywood, presumably in ’21 or ’22, before arriving in Orlando’s Epic Universe in 2023.

Though not officially confirmed, Orlando Informer reported that Nintendo land will mainly focus on the Super Mario Bros. franchise, with a Mario Kart attraction as well as Yoshi’s Adventure ride.

Fans were already excited when Japan’s Mario Kart ride was officially announced, and when new layout plans were leaked for what the Orlando land may look like, but until now, we’ve had no idea where or when they land may appear.

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The Nintendo land is reported to be extremely immersive and will feel as if guests are playing a giant video game.

The interactive gameplay will be centered around two tools, a wristband and something called Key Challenges.

The wristbands, called Power Up Bands, are like a cross between Harry Potter World’s interactive wands and the TapuTapu wristbands at Volcano Bay, allowing guests to interact with the world around them.

It also links to a smartphone app to keep track of guests’ stats and scores.

The Key Challenges will have guests collect virtual keys across the land and unlock additional experiences.

We're sure gamers everywhere are as excited as we are about this announcement! Are you excited? What other attractions will Epic Universe will reveal?

We'll just have to wait patiently to find out.

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