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The 19 Year Old Florida Student Arrested With An AR-15 Says He Loves All Types Of Weapons

UCF student found with illegal AR-15 enjoys weapons.
The 19 Year Old Florida Student Arrested With An AR-15 Says He Loves All Types Of Weapons

This is another time in history where some student is found with an illegal weapon. Max Chambers was arrested on January 29 for carrying in his car an illegally modified AR-15. The biggest concern was found in Max Chamber's Facebook account where he says he loves all weaponry. 

Last year, Florida experienced one of the worst tragic moments in the country. On Valentine's day, there was a mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School killing 17 people. Since then, there has been more concern in public school and buildings, and more safety measures. 

Max Chamber's Facebook page looks very concerning regarding the facts that he was arrested with an AR-15. On his Facebook intro, he states that he "likes making stuff with machines, using computers, all types of weaponry, and taking stuff apart". Max admitted to the police that he knew the manufacturing and possession of the AR-15 is illegal. 

Via Max Chambers

Not only this is concerning but it ponders the question: Are schools going to start checking FB accounts before accepting a student?

According to FDLE firearms instructor, the weapon found in Max's car is a fully automatic rifle and capable of firing at least 19 rounds consecutively. Max confessed to authorities of producing the device and testing it this month. The device that was on his possession is called a Drop-in Auto Sear (DIAS), that allows shooting consecutively without reloading. 

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Via Orange County Incarcerations

For someone who claims to love weapons on social media, it's evident that Max knew the AR-15 was an illegal weapon. Max claimed to the police "he does not like laws".

Max, who resides in Sarasota was taken to the Orange County Jail for possessing an illegal arm and a bump-fire-stock. He's still in jail on a $5,150 bond.

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The UCF police were able to take matters of the situation quickly. They advise the community to say something whenever they see something suspicious. Even if it's on their Facebook account. 

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