The 'Star Wars' Hotel At Disney World Will Be Interactive & Your Choices Impact The Story

Your story, you will write.
The New Interactive Star Wars Hotel Opens Next Year At Disney World Orlando

Star Wars as a series has one of the most complex and unique worlds, one so rife with amazing creatures and details that it was practically begging to be turned into a theme park. That finally happened this year with the debut of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but the reveals just keep coming. Just a little over one year from now, we’ll be able to get an even more immersive Star Wars experience with the interactive two-night stay at the Star Wars: GalaxyCruiser hotel, where each choice you make impacts how your stay will play out.

This hotel stay, if you can even call it that, has been likened to boarding a Disney cruise liner with all guests boarding and leaving at the same time. When you enter the Launch Pod that transports you into space to board the starcruiser, that galaxy far, far away will seem much closer to home.

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The experience begins when the windows of the Launch Pod glaze over as guests jump into hyperspace and approach the Halcyon starcruiser. Stepping into the Atrium, you will meet other guests, members of the crew, and well-known Star Wars characters.

Here’s the best part (or at least one of the best parts): each of these characters will prompt you to begin various storylines, and every choice you make will determine how your own Star Wars story will play out. 

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Now, newly released details have confirmed the different immersive activities that will draw guests even deeper into the experience.

You’ll wield a lightsaber and face off against a training remote, go on an excursion to Batuu at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and even visit the starship’s Bridge.

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There, guests will learn how the ship systems work and how to operate them, just in case some rogue ships pay an unwanted visit to the Halcyon (we’re betting they will).

Changing window views show the galaxy outside as your ship moves along its course, and there are plenty of hidden secrets to discover around the ship, too.

Star Wars: Galaxy Cruiser

When: Early 2021

Address: Walt Disney World Orlando, FL

Why You Need To Go: Play out your own unique Star Wars story over a two-day interactive experience at this hotel!