What if you could find the perfect balance between the exciting rush of Orlando and the peace and quiet of Florida’s nature? A place close by that still makes you feel far away? And what about a place that doesn’t break the bank? Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a special vacation stay, Tiny Houseboat Adventures is the perfect coastal Florida rental with all of that and more!

Tucked away in the Woodruff Wildlife Refuge, about one and a half hours from Orlando, or 40 minutes from Daytona Beach, Tiny Houseboat Adventure is a hidden gem on the St. John’s River.

Immersed nature while still keep modern amenities close, you can breathe the fresh air, wake to the sounds the woods, and spot wildlife during your stay with Tiny Houseboat Adventures.

You can rent a tiny houseboat for two nights or more at $130 per night, $230 for a single night, or even just a day rental at $200 for six hours.

Guests frequently see manatees during their stays, as well as tons of exotic birds and even alligators.

While you can swim in the river, remember that you’re sharing the waters with Florida’s wildlife.

Just two minutes down the road, the Deleon Springs offer crystal clear swimming holes to lounge in.

The tiny houseboats come equipped with a kitchenette featuring a two-burner gas stove and sink, as well as cooking utensils for simple meals.

While they provide a 10-gallon tank of tap water for washing dishes and operating the toilet, it’s recommended that you bring your own drinking water and linens to sleep in.

A maximum of four guests is allotted to each boat, which can end up making your stay pretty cheap.

The houseboats are 18 inches long by eight inches wide and easy to navigate, which makes reaching smaller rivers and tributaries possible that the bigger boats can’t get to.

They’re even powered by environmentally-friendly engines with clean technology that produces fewer emissions, so you can feel extra good about your stay.

Dine under the stars, visit with manatees and experience wild Florida all from the comfort of your cozy houseboat rental.

Tiny Houseboat Adventures

Price Per Night: $130–230

Address Or Neighbourhood: Deland, FL

Why You Need To Go: Float along the St. John's River and enjoy Florida wildlife from your cozy tiny houseboat.