You know what they say, April showers bring May flowers. And if you consider yourself a flower lover, there is a massive wildflower field in Florida that you will want to visit ASAP while the flowers are blooming. 

According to the information provided on the field's official Facebook page, the property is privately owned and located along County Hwy 221, Hampton, Florida. Anyone is allowed to enter the field without charge but being respectful of the property is an absolute must. The flowers normally start blooming around late March/early April and keep blooming for amount two months.

There have been thousands of visits to date, and tons of recommendations from visitors posted on their Facebook page. One reads, "its a great location one of the few locations [that] has wildflowers like this - just respect the property and the owners they are extremely nice and just ask that you not pick the flowers."

This is a popular destination spot for both tourists and locals during the blooming season - and understandably so. 

According to one Facebook user, the purple flowers are starting to bloom currently. The yellow flowers have yet to start.

You can find more information and current updates on the field on their Facebook page here

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