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There's An Actual Chocolate Factory In Florida That Would Make Willy Wonka Jealous

Chocolate Kingdom is the sweetest place in Florida.
There's An Actual Chocolate Factory In Florida That Would Make Willy Wonka Jealous

Most Floridians have a sweet tooth but when it comes to dessert, chocolate is king. Chocolate Kingdom is the sweetest factory adventure tour in Orlando you need to visit as soon as possible.

There are wine tours and museum tours but nothing like a chocolate tour with hands-on experience. Chocolate Kingdom offers visitors an interactive journey that uncovers how chocolate transforms from the bean into the creamy, dreamy chocolate bar. The place offers guided chocolate tours with a prince where you embark on a journey that takes guests through a Cacao Tree Greenhouse, a one-of-a-kind Chocolate Museum, a Mystical River of Chocolate and a Micro Batch Bean-to-the-Bar Factory utilizing old world machinery.

Chocoholics can customize their own chocolate bar for an additional cost. Imagine proposing to your girlfriend with a chocolate bar that says "Will you marry me, sweetheart?" — Just epic. 

Chocolate Kingdom offers different tours and experiences, such as how to make your own chocolate, wine and chocolate pairing, and chocolate fountain galore. 

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Most experiences start at $300 for 15 guests and it lasts 1.15 hours. You can learn more about the experiences and group packages here.

If you just want a tour of the factory, it costs $16.95 and the factory is open daily from 10:30 am-6 pm. 

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Chocolate Kingdom

Price: $16.95 general admission

Address: 9901 Hawaiian Ct., Orlando, FL

Why You Need To Go: So you can let your inner choco-holic loose and take in the sights during their tours or even make your own creations in an interactive chocolate experience.

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