Florida's Newest Drive-Thru Safari Park Is Only $49 With This Deal & Includes Extra Perks

Take a drive on the wild side!
Things To Do In Florida Include Drive-Thru African Safari For Cheap With This Deal

When you’re tired of theme parks and looking for different things to do in Florida, there are tons of amazing and unique experiences to find. In Kenansville, just a 50-minute drive from Orlando, you can cruise through a wild African safari full of exotic animals without ever leaving your car at Wild Florida. And with this awesome Groupon, you’ll get not only the drive-thru experience but also a BBQ lunch and a single digital photo of your journey for just $49.

The drive-thru experience is self-guided, winding you through the 85-acre park and giving you the chance to see over 100 species of amazing animals.

The Groupon also includes Gator Park admission and access to the petting zoo, so you’re sure to get your fill of the furry, feathered, and scaly too.

The deal is also available in a package for two at $95, a group of four at $188, and a group of two adults and two kids at $132.

If you don't want the extra perks, the drive-thru experience alone is $29 per adult, but the Groupon takes the trouble of finding food for the day out of the equation and also gives you access to two other parts of the park. You're even cutting off the cost of paying for the digital memento of your trip, and anywhere you can save counts!

The original park has been open since 2010, with a focus on airboat alligator tours. The Drive-thru Safari addition just opened this past December as an expansion.

You can still find the scaly friends there, as well as giraffes, zebras, Watusis, wildebeests, Oryxes, camels, and Asian antelope.

During your safari tour, you can even stop and hand-feed any giraffes that cross your path for an extra $5.

This is not your typical zoo, and Wild Florida provides a natural and open space for their animals to thrive and roam in.

You can check them out Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Drive-Thru Safari Park Admission for One with One BBQ Lunch and One Digital Photo

Original Price: For one person $62.50, for two $125, for four $250, for two adults and two kids $172.

Sale Price: For one person $49, for two $95, for four $188, for two adults and two kids $132.

Why You Need It: Take a drive through the African safari, grab lunch, and take home digital memories of your amazing trip with this great Groupon.

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