You Can Actually Ride The Polar Express In Orlando This Winter & It's Going To Be Magical

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You Can Actually Ride The Polar Express In Orlando This Winter & It's Going To Be Magical

Hard-core Christmas fanatics are similar to their Halloween counterparts: they start decorating way too soon, start playing holiday music months in advanced, already have decorations and outfits picked out by the time summer rolls around, and they’re always trying to get you to watch those corny old holiday movies. You may have read that and thought, “you say that like it’s a bad thing!” but it’s really not. Especially when you can relive those favorite old movies in real life. And this winter, if you're looking for things to do this holiday season, you can actually ride the Polar Express in Orlando!

From the folks who brought you the pizza train and the amazing Phantasmagoria haunted train show, The Royal Palm Railway Experience is gearing up for the holidays, and it’s going to be an amazing ride.

The Polar Express Train Ride, your favorite childhood movie will be recreated, golden ticket and all.

After getting your ticket punched by the conductor, the adventure begins. There will be dancing chefs serving cocoa and treats, you’ll interact with characters from the movie, and enjoy a retelling of the classic book.

Once arriving in ‘The North Pole,’ Santa Claus and his elves will board the train and visit each family. You’ll even receive the first gift of Christmas: a silver bell from Santa’s sleigh. Will you be able to hear it ring?

Some exuberant Christmas caroling will ensue, and then you’ll make your way back to Tavares. Pajamas are encouraged for full immersion!

While Orlando may be a long way from the North Pole, The Polar Express Train Ride can you get there and back in about an hour!

The Royal Palm Railway Experience Polar Express

Price: $48

When: Nov 15 - Dec 30

Address: 305 E Ruby St, Tavares, FL 32778

Why You Need To Go: Experience the Polar Express train ride of your childhood dreams!

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