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This All-New Magical Gondola System Will Allow You To Soar Above Disney World

This will give you a never-before-seen bird's eye view of Disney World.
This All-New Magical Gondola System Will Allow You To Soar Above Disney World

What's better than going to Disney World? Flying above Disney World and experiencing a new world of magic. This fall you can get a new bird's eye view and watch the different Disney locations. The new magical gondola in Disney World's will definitely make all your childhood dreams come true. 

The Disney Skyliner which will connect Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Caribbean Beach Resort, and other hotels began testing today after a year under construction. The gondola attraction is expected to open this fall and it will surely upgrade the magical experience for the entire family. 

Each gondola comes with a theme and you can expect to ride on Finding Dory, Ratatouille, Monsters Inc., Coco, Frozen, Pirates of the Carribean gondolas among others. Before you know it, these gondolas will be soaring through the sky. 

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The Skyliner's tower received its first gondolas today and it seems like dreams are coming true. This will be a great transportation system for tourists who vacation at one of the connecting hotels. The station for the Skyliner will be located at the Caribbean Beach Resort. This will be the hub of activities for everything happening on the Skyliner system. 

It's an interactive way for guests to view the different properties and the landscapes around Disney World. 

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Currently, there are mechanical and electrical installations getting done for the Skyliner. The Epcot station will have a beautiful art nouveau mural with the themed of flight. 

Also, new rides and attractions are coming to Epcot and Hollywood Studios such as the Mickey Mouse-themed dark ride. 

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Expect to have a unique experience when you visit Disney World this fall. 

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