You Can Spend Hours Cuddling The Furriest Exotic Animals At This Florida Farm

Lemurs, and sloths and monkeys - oh my!
You Can Spend Hours Cuddling The Furriest Exotic Animals At This Florida Farm

Sure, dogs and cats are always great for cuddling - but there's still something extra exciting about getting up close and personal with exotic animals. Thankfully, there is a farm in Florida that lets you get friendly with their most rare animals for an experience of a lifetime.

Exotic Animal Experience, located in Orlando, is home to many types of exotic creatures for you to interact with, including lemurs, kangaroos, wallabies, sloths, deer, monkeys, and more - some of which you've probably never even heard of

Of course, you will still see some of your favorite domestic animals too like dogs, goats, and sheep. According to their website, the animals are treated with respect, love, and care - and have been raised around humans since very young. More information on the farm's ethics can be found here

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The farm offers an array of visiting options including group and private tours. There is the basic tour which includes 2 hours of animal encounter fun; pet all of the animals, including the sloths! You will also go into the lemurs and kangaroos enclosures. The age restriction for the group visit is 10 years old and tickets start at $150 a person. 

The ultimate experience includes 2 hours of extreme animal interaction including holding all of the smaller animals, like the sloths! You will also get a chance to play with the most adorable owl monkey. You will do all the group visit offers as well, with even more interaction all the way through. This is a semi-private visit, so you always have an animal in your arms! Tickets for this start at $380 per person. 

All visits must be scheduled in advance by calling (407) 383-6766. More information is available on the farm's official website here