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There Is An Actual Ice Bar In Orlando And It's The Coolest Spot Around

IceBar Orlando is the largest permanent ice-themed bar that you can actually sit on.

Florida - the Sunshine State, beautiful but generally it's hot year-round. Sometimes you want to beat the heat without it being a beach day, after all, swimming in the water with sharks isn't for everyone. If you're a fan of the cold, you can get as cold as ice -literally - at a fire and ice-themed bar in Orlando, with ice you can actually sit on.

IceBar Orlando boasts that it's the largest permanent ice bar in the world, with over 70 tons of hand-carved ice. Their space includes sculptures, chairs, tables, various feature spaces and even cups that are fashioned entirely from ice! 

It's definitely different than going to the beach - it could be a cool night out with your friends and a unique space to get some photos that give off an ice-queen vibe. You do happen to get greeted at the door by actual ice princesses - that's what they call their employees.

The ice princesses provide you with a coat and gloves for your visit at no cost, so you don't have to worry about bringing your own unless you want to. They also offer an option to upgrade your coat to a faux fur one for a fee which will make you feel regal: like a real-world Queen Elsa, sitting on your throne of ice.

They also light things up with colored lights which creates a unique glowy backdrop for your snapshots capturing your chilly night out. Check out some cool shots from inside of the bar below:

Not only is this frosty bar pretty darn cool, but it's even cooler that you can do your shots from a ski! Check out this video from their Instagram page below:

The ice bar only makes up about 25% of the entire building though. The rest will be a comfortable indoor temperature. After you're done at the Ice Bar, you can head over to the Fire Lounge to warm up with some drinks or snacks which look like something you'd get at an upscale restaurant with all the comfort of bar food. 

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After 9 pm every night you must be 21 or older to enter - although those as young as 8 are welcome accompanied by an adult between 5 pm and 9 pm.

There is no entry fee for the Fire Lounge but there is for the Icebar. It's $19.95 to enter, with the option to upgrade your coat to faux fur for an additional $10. They do offer advance purchase discounts on their website for buying online, which often include a couple of premium drinks at the bar for a discounted price looped into the ticket cost.

IceBar was awarded a certificate of excellence from Trip Adviser in 2018 and has also been featured on the FoodNetwork and Travel Channels. This bar isn't like anyplace else in Florida and should definitely be added to your list of upcoming Florida adventures.

If you're ready to brave the cold in Florida, Icebar Orlando opens every night at 5 pm, closing at 12 am-midnight Sunday - Wed, 1 am on Thursdays, or 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays; they're located at 8967 International Dr. Orlando, FL 32819.

For more information about Ice Bar Orlando or to purchase advanced entry tickets, check their website here.