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This Super Famous Donut Holes Shop Is Opening A New Store In Orlando

Florida Mall in Orlando will be the new home of a Mr. Puffs donut shop.
This Super Famous Donut Holes Shop Is Opening A New Store In Orlando

With all the hustle and bustle of shops constantly opening and closing in Florida it can get pretty tiresome to keep up with them all. Thankfully, we are here to remind you of a very important new shop announcement: this summer the Florida Mall in Orlando will be the new home of Mr. Puffs donut shop. 

You have probably never heard of Mr. Puffs because this will be their first ever American shop! They are an extremely popular Canadian donut shop - often stating their main goal is to become the "McDonald's of donut shops."

What sets them apart from other cafes with donuts is that they serve specifically only donut holes. Mr. Puffs is a Montreal based company and is well known for their assorted Greek donut holes called "puffs."

They are well regarded for their 9 signature flavors, which include pure honey, hazelnut chocolate, strawberry sugar, and maple syrup, to name only a short few. They do occasionally create combine flavors or change things up a bit for limited times.

An official menu and price list for their American shop has yet to be released.

Check out some photos of their delicious donut holes below:

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Whether you are a coffee fiend or prefer something a little milkier, they will also be serving up some of the most delicious cafe drinks you can imagine. 

@mrpuffspastryembedded via  

Basically what we are trying to say is this donut shop is going to have everything you never knew you needed in your life, and after you try them once you will totally be addicted.

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With that being said, we are pretty confident that won't be long until they start taking over America and we are so ready.

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