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This Super Popular Dine-In Movie Theatre Is Coming To Florida

Alamo Drafthouse is coming soon to Orlando.
This Super Popular Dine-In Movie Theatre Is Coming To Florida

Going to the movies is America's favorite past time. The movie theatre experience has been evolving and now we all can enjoy a dine-in movie experience. But, no place does it like Alamo Drafthouse, and this popular theatre is coming soon to Orlando. 

The popular Texas dine-in movie theatre is expecting to open its first Florida location in 2020. It will open near Disney World at the Vineland Pointe shopping center and it will become the go-to place for moviegoers. 

Alamo Drafthouse always hosts events and they're popular for their new releases and old movie showings. This theatre will feature 942 seats, 10 screens, dine-in experience, a bar, and a restaurant. 

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This place is not your typical dine-in movie theatre experience. Alamo Drafthouse is one of the pioneers in dine-in movie theatres and you can always catch a classic film at one of their locations. One of their special events include movies such as "Princess Bride" and "Elf".

The Orlando Alamo Drafthouse will feature 35mm and digital format screens. And, it's totally acceptable to have as many beers as you want. Sometimes Alamo presents signature films with live score. 

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Sometimes you can catch actors down the aisle and singing to the songs of the movie. So if you're into classic films, you will definitely want to buy tickets for one of their special movie nights.

Alamo also has Rolling Roadshows where they feature crazy movies at crazy locations. And, if you hate when people talking during the movie, Alamo got your back. They have a very strict NO TALKING policy. So, no need to shush some rude people.

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It's about time Orlando has a movie theatre for real movie fanatics. Alamo is the place to get a real movie experience. 

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