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This Tiki Bar In Orlando Will Make You Feel Like You're In Hawaii

Don your grass skirts and leis to hula on down to a little piece of Hawaii in Florida.
This Tiki Bar In Orlando Will Make You Feel Like You're In Hawaii

Florida may be a tropical paradise, but nothing makes you wanna hula more than a Tiki lounge. You can don your grass skirts and hula on down to a little bar in Florida that brings that Hawaiin breeze to the east coast - say aloha to this little Tiki Bar.

Aku Aku Tiki Bar in Orlando is the cutest little tiki lounge around that will make luau-lovers swoon - maybe even some gamer geeks (like me) who remember Aku Aku the tiki mask from Crash Bandicoot. The building is lined with a dark bamboo featuring a wide array of Hawaiin imagery like masks, idols, and hula girls - some of which are GIANT, like the Easter Island Idol that's chillin' at the door or a huge version of their drink menu.

They like to keep the lights low for a cozy feel - all while the hula girl lamps and sculptures dance the night away to the retro music. Surfboards are hung from the ceiling, as well as glowy pufferfish lanterns that really whisk you away from the typical downtown Orlando we Floridians know.

This bar is the dream hangout spot for those wanting a Hawaiin Luau night without having to pay the $600-700 price tag that a ticket to Hawaii would run right now; check out some pics from Aku Aku below:

Aku Akuvia Aku Aku Tiki BarAku Aku Interiorvia Aku Aku Tiki BarHula Lamp and Cocktailsvia Aku Aku Tiki Bar

This place has some serious potential for photoshoots too - You could go all out and have yourself a little tiki-theme to add to your Insta-feed using their decor and cups like this Tiki Witch below:

The Asymmetric shelves behind the bar are lined with over 70 different rums - as well as sculpted mugs, tchotchkes, and bizarre artifacts: such as the Robert Mitchum's Calypso album from 1953. They actually serve some of their drinks in the unique sculpted mugs that follow the Tiki theme; One of their popular drinks called "The Zombie" comes in a giant tiki and is strong enough to raise the dead. You can see how they make and serve the drink in the video below:

If you're ready to hula on down for sips and surf, The Aku Aku Tiki Bar is located at 431 E Central Blvd, Orlando, FL 32801. They're open 4 pm to 2 am every day except Sundays, where they open up at 2 pm instead.

For more photos and information about Aku Aku, visit their website here.

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