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Tips And Tricks To Help You Beat The Crowds And Lines At Disney World Orlando

Tourists and locals alike want nothing more than to optimize their Disney experience, and every year the park comes out with more ways to do that. But, perhaps the most wished-for thing is avoiding the lines. While we wish it were possible to just rent out the entire park for ourselves, we’ve got some pretty good tips and tricks for avoiding the massive crowds and lines at Disney World Orlando in 2020.

Book a breakfast reservation before the park opens

While you will have to rise and shine early, you can get a quick head start on your day by booking a reservation for breakfast at one of the restaurants inside the park. All four Disney World theme parks have at least one eatery that opens an hour before the park itself.

Find out when Extra Magic Hours are

Staying at an on-site hotel has plenty of benefits, especially the Extra Magic Hours when the parks will open an hour early or close about two hours later. This feature is exclusive to on-site hotel guests, so if you’re not staying at a hotel, you cheat the system a bit by looking up which hotel is opening early and start your day at a different park. That way, you’re not walking into a park that’s already filled with people.

Make the most of your FastPass+

There’s a system to FastPass+, and once you know how to use it you’ll be flying through rides. Guests staying on-site can book FastPass up to 60 days in advance, while everyone else can book up 30. You can reserve up to three attractions per day, and once you use those you can get additional passes one at a time. Plus, it’s majority rules, so if you’re at least a group of three and your third member doesn’t have a pass, you’ll still be able to go in as a group.

Keep an eye on the app

This takes dedication, but additional FastPass times are released the day of, and if you keep refreshing the app you can get lucky and snag one that has just popped up. Keep refreshing, and you can modify or overwrite an existing FastPass reservation if a better option comes along.

Try to plan for the off-season

If your schedule is flexible, there are some months that are definitely less crowded than others. January and February are good options, plus September too since it's when most families are returning to a school schedule. After Easter up until Memorial Day weekend is pretty clear, and after Thanksgiving up until about mid-December when all the Christmas shenanigans start.

Use the crowd calendar

Why You Need To Go: Even in the offseason there will still be crowds, but useful tools like a free crowd calendar can tell you which parks to check out and which to avoid for every single day of the year.

So with all these tips & tricks, you are ready for conquering Disney efficiently this 2020!

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