You Can Glamp In An Actual Treehouse Near Disney Orlando For Way Less Than A Hotel Room

The ultimate return to nature.
Treehouse AirBNB In Orlando Gives Glamping A Whole New Meaning

There is something undeniably magical about treehouses. It’s the feeling of rising high up into the branches of some ancient natural structure, of not just admiring nature, but truly being immersed in it. As kids, it’s an experience we might take for granted, just another place to play. As adults, they aren’t exactly easy to come by.

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But if you’re planning an Orlando trip soon, or just want to get away for a weekend in a quiet, cozy place, then this treehouse Airbnb is the perfect spot.

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Relaxation and adventure meet under one lofty roof in this Orlando treehouse retreat. Surrounded by windows and skylights, you’ll get to enjoy the view from all angles. With one cozy bedroom, one full bathroom, and a small kitchen, it’s perfect for couples or even solo trips.

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The treehouse is located about 20 minutes from Disney, making it an ideal getaway from all the hubbub after a long day at the parks. There’s not one negative review on Airbnb, and guests frequently quote Louisa, the owner, to be very responsive and helpful.

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While having your own transportation was recommended by other guests, it is the perfect spot to clear your mind and relax. Channel your inner cat and lounge the evenings away in the hammocks and swings that hang below, but if you need to get some work done, there is Wi-Fi, too.

Orlando is already a unique place, and you can top off your sojourn at this special place for only $49 a night!

Disney Relaxing Treehouse 

Price: $49 a night

When: any time!

Address: Exact location information is provided after a booking is confirmed.

Why You Need To Go: Spend a peaceful retreat in nature and sleep in a treehouse!