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Here's What Twitter Is Saying About Disney's New Rise Of The Resistance & The Crazy Wait Times

You'll need some serious Jedi mind-tricks to get through these wait times.

When the newest edition to the beloved Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge landed at Disney World in early December, fans took it very seriously. While Rise of the Resistance was supposed to officially open at 8 a.m., fans had been lined up at the gate since 6:30 a.m. Funnily enough, that’s nothing compared to what dedicated fans are doing now to secure their spot in line. Here’s what fans are saying about the newest Star Wars ride, and if the crazy queue times are worth it!

Rise of the Resistance has had queue times rivaling that of Animal Kingdom’s Avatar Flight of Passage, which has held a steady 2-hour wait since its debut in the spring of 2017.

Even with the added convenience of the virtual line app, Orlando Theme Park News recently tweeted that the ride was already filled to capacity by 9:16 a.m. On the one side, it’s a clear sign that the ride is definitely living up to all the hype, but on the other, it can make it pretty difficult for eager guests to enjoy it in the first place.

Disney parks open at 9 a.m., with Extra Magic Hours giving additional time in the morning and evening. Even so, guests have been lining up at 4 a.m. to wait for the gates to open five hours later just to claim their spot in line for Rise of the Resistance. That's some serious dedication. 

Orlando Theme Park News reported the ride had reached capacity just fifteen minutes after the park opened.

Twitter, in particular, has seemed pretty evenly divided on the matter, which dedicated fans completely surrendering to the early wakeup call and feeling like the ride was well worth it. Others, some fans, some not, think the idea of getting up so early for one ride is ridiculous.

For others, it’s not so much about the wakeup call, but the queue time itself. One Twitter user even scorned the wait time, saying Walt Disney himself would have hated it.

This Twitter user bemoaned the early wakeup call.

There are even several ‘how to ride guides’ out there developed by savvy fans wanting to spread their knowledge. In them, they advise against just showing up at regular opening hours.

Rise of the Resistance relies completely on the virtual line app and doesn’t offer FastPlus+ or even much of a standby line. The physical line itself its relatively short, thus the emphasis on using the virtual line.

This Twitter user didn't care how long they had to wait, it was totally a magical experience for them.

Have you had a chance to ride the newest Star Wars attraction yet? Do you think the wait time is worth it?

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