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You Can Get A Massive Pizza Box-Sized Square Donut At This Shop In Orlando

DoughNOT get us started on how awesome this place is.
You Can Get A Massive Pizza Box-Sized Square Donut At This Shop In Orlando

Let’s get real, here. Donuts are a perfect snack (and sometimes entire meals depending on the size) any time of the day. If you're looking for unique foods to try in Orlando, well, we have just the sweet treat in mind. 

Start the day with a sugar rush for breakfast, give yourself a midday pick-me-up for lunch, gorge on the doughy delights for dinner. Netflix marathon snack, comfort food, celebratory food, hangover cure, the list goes on!

The opportunities were already endless, but now we have even more ways to enjoy donuts with Valkyrie Doughnuts. Especially when they come in pizza boxes and are shaped like squares.

The aptly named BFD is a party-sized donut, but we won’t tell you how to share or not share your donuts.

Available for preorder only, they’re available every day along with their rotating flavor menu which includes churro, apple fritter, triple chocolate, Orlando cream, and many more.

If you’re looking for something a bit smaller (and only by a bit), there’s plenty more where that came from.

All of their donuts at Valkyrie Doughnuts, plus the desserts at Valhalla bakery, are all dairy and egg-free.

Owners Celine Duvoisin and Steven Brinkman first started their magic with Valhalla Bakery, and when they, in their own words, “recognized the need for a fancy as fuck doughnut,” they created Valkyrie.

Valkyrie’s mission to bring you the best, fluffiest, and freshest product. While you’ll find plenty of oddities like the square donuts, the regular shaped ones come in some crazy flavors, too.

The menu switches around daily, which is just even more reason to make a visit (or five).

Orlando is full of crazy foods to try, and you can even eat your way around the world at this food fest.

Valkyrie Donut

Price: varies

When: Open daily 7AM - 7PM

Address: 12226 Corporate Blvd Orlando FL 32817

Why You Need To Go: Enjoy the freshest, fluffiest doughnuts Orlando has to offer!

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