Universal wasn’t just making an innovative, enchanting new theme park when they started constructing The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, they were creating a place where guests could literally leave the muggle world behind for a while. But Universal would never just stop there, and they now have plans to enhance the magical experience of guests by adding a new system of wand detection for a whole new level of interactivity.

Universal was raising the bar when they introduced special interactive wands that could connect to certain areas of the park, but now they seek to outdo themselves yet again.

Fans were stoked to be able to own their very own wand or that of a favorite character, but the interactive wands gave them something more — a chance to actually use “magic.”

For just a brief moment, when you flickered your wrist and a feather levitated behind glass in front of you, or a light switched on within a dark store, you could pretend that you really were a witch or wizard.

Universal seeks to deepen this experience now with a new patent called “System and Method for tracking a passive Wand and Actuating an Effect Based on a Detected Wand Path.”

That’s a mouthful, but what it means it that even wands that don’t flaunt the interactive tech will now register within the park and can be used on your environment.

The patent suggests that the new wand tracking system will be implemented with attractions like shows, restaurants, rides, shops, and more. The idea is that if any wand can interact with its surroundings, it evokes a more magical and mysterious atmosphere — anyone can be a witch a or wizard!

This also is a more economical option, as the non-interactive wands cost less than the others. No official release dates have been announced yet. 

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