Theme park junkies rejoice! A new theme park will be coming to Florida. "Epic Universe", the new theme park unveiled by Universal Orlando today, looks like it's going to be seriously sweet.

According to Universal's website, Epic Universe will offer an entirely new level of experience for guests that will forever change theme park entertainment. Guests will venture into beloved stories of their time through vibrant and diverse lands - the adventure through the park being your ultimate destination. 

Alongside this information, we see the concept photo for the park, and it looks like a gorgeously wild ride. According to CNBC, a 750-acre plot of land is where the new park will be built, the plot is located just a few miles away from the current existing resort.

In addition to the massive theme park, we'll also be seeing new shops, restaurants, an entertainment center, hotel, and more. Universal seeks to make Epic Universe a week-long getaway destination rather than a 1-3 day visit for guests.

With the opening of this massive park, Universal will be hiring an additional 14,000 staff members on top of their already existing 25,000. Base pay is expected to start at $15 an hour, including positions in culinary, technical, and professional departments. 

Within the last 10 years, Universal has already expanded its two parks to include 'Harry Potter'-themed locations including Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. We also saw the opening of the new Hagrid Motorbike Adventure a month ago, drawing huge crowds and 10 hour waits in line.

One worry about this new theme park that may come to mind for us Floridians - the traffic. According to Fox 13, Mayor Demings highlighted a public 50/50 partnership with Universal on the Kirkman Road Extension - a huge overhaul to the area that is expected to improve the flow transportation.

"The Kirkman extension will improve transportation through a busy and growing portion of our county and open up the entire area for additional development – including an important expansion of our Convention Center," said Mayor Demings.

Universal has reportedly invested a whopping $160 million to extend Kirkman Road into where the park is located, which should ease up the expected influx of traffic.

An opening date and intellectual property details have yet to be announced, but we anxiously await more details of this epic new world coming to Universal Orlando.