A series of leaked land model images are grabbing some attention in the theme park enthusiasts online world. The leaked images are reportedly concepts for Universal's Super Nintendo World park being constructed in Japan, expected to open before the Olympics in 2020, but these pictures are stirring up conversation about what we may expect to see at Epic Universe coming to Orlando.

While no details about partnering entities have been released yet for the new Universal park, we were given a concept image of what the park may look like - you can see the full Epic Universe concept image below.

At a momentary glance, the photo doesn't seem to give us a lot of distinguishable features to make any guesses off of, and that was probably done on purpose. But those who saw the leaked Nintendo World images and took a closer look are thinking differently; especially considering the new park would be the perfect time to make use of the relatively newly acquired partnership rights with Nintendo for the park in other locations around the world. 

In the leaked land model photos dated from 2016, we see what looks to be a Donkey Kong World, complete with Tiki Huts, barrels, and a roller coaster in a tropical environment reminiscent of the beloved game; we also see an area that looks like the Mushroom Kingdom, with the Mushroom Head insignia on the ground. You can see the leaked images below.

from OrlandoFun

from OrlandoFun

from OrlandoFun

According to Orlando Park Stop, Super Nintendo Land was in fact originally supposed to come to Orlando as a part of the KidZone at Universal's existing park, but never actually made it in after all was said and done — instead, this has people buzzing that Universal held onto the idea to make it a part of the new Epic Universe park. Weirdly enough, the land model images link up almost perfectly with what you see in the left area of the Epic Universe Concept art.

You can clearly see the tiki huts from the DK world and about where the coaster would be along that back wall, as well a red circle on the ground towards the front end of that section, which looks just like the Mushroom insignia from the leaked images. 

Of course, if Super Nintendo World does, in fact, make it to Epic Universe, it may not even look like the original concept's design. The images were originally mocked up for Japan's iteration of the Nintendo-themed park after all.

Alicia Stella of Orlando Park Stop also posted an image on Twitter of what else she thinks may pop-up at Epic Universe, including classic monsters from The Mummy and Frankenstein, How To Train Your Dragon, a dueling launch coaster, and Fantastic Beasts. Of course, along the back of the park, we see a resort, which would connect directly to the park, with shopping and dining bringing the whole thing together in the center.

The worlds of Universal's Epic Universe pic.twitter.com/yhpUMnMP29

August 1, 2019

Youtube, Reddit, and Twitter posts talking about the leaked images and their similarities also mention something that we might see if Super Nintendo World did come to Epic Universe, the Mario Kart Attraction — which users say would likely be in that big black rectangle in the bottom left corner of the suspected Nintendo Zone.

The attraction was already confirmed for the Super Nintendo Worlds being constructed in Japan, Hollywood, and Singapore — and would feature a colorful coaster-like attraction that winds you through the games many tracks: like the infamous Rainbow Road.

Will we see Super Nintendo World at Epic Universe? An official announcement hasn't confirmed this, but those concept images and the consistencies between them and the leak has us seriously geeked — we'll have to wait for an official announcement from Universal itself before we celebrate for real. Here's to hoping!