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UCF Considers Tracking Students' Symptoms When They Go Back To Class

They'll also be offering tests for the virus.

What began as extended Spring Breaks for students nearly two months ago, have since turned into full-on virtual learning and the closure of some school campuses across Florida. Now as the state moves through its phased reopening plans, many venues and companies are starting to open their doors again. The University of Central Florida has also begun planning what a return to campus would look like. Along with redesigning lecture halls and encouraging remote work, students may use apps to help track their health.

WFTV9 reported that the UCF Board of Trustees held a meeting Thursday morning to discuss plans for the campus reopening.

Diagrams of how to structure lecture halls and stagger students were presented, as well as images showing how to divide larger areas like arenas into classrooms. Emphasis was put on the future testing of students and how to go about contact tracing.

Campus officials plan to offer widely available tests for the virus and with the help of health apps, students could even be asked to track their symptoms and who they’ve been in contact with to mitigate spread.

Vice President of Student Development and Enrollment Services Maribeth Ehasz was quoted by the Orlando Sentinel as saying that social distancing and masks would be required for students and staff in both shared indoor and outdoor spaces.

Not adhering to these rules would lead to disciplinary action.

UCF currently doesn’t plan to enforce temperature checks. Associate Vice President of UCF Student Health Services, Dr. Michael Deichen, told the Orlando Sentinel that the method only provides “questionable benefit.”

Students can expect in-person, virtual, and mixed approach classes on their future agendas. University leaders are currently unsure as to how social clubs and sporting events may operate during the following semesters.

A phased approach will slowly bring back necessary staff and research students first. Following that would be the reintroduction of on-campus instruction as well as a return to student housing.

UCF will allow those who are at risk to continue to work remotely when possible. The full plan for future semesters is currently unfinished with discussions ongoing.