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This Orlando Bakery Makes The Sweetest Vegan-Friendly Donuts

Sweet vegan doughnut heaven!
This Orlando Bakery Makes The Sweetest Vegan-Friendly Donuts

There's something magical about a fresh doughnut in the morning with a coffee, but sadly not everyone can enjoy a delicious doughnut. Some people live healthier lifestyles opting to go vegan or gluten-free, or some may simply have an allergy. Those who wanna indulge on some doughnuts can actually enjoy vegan flourless donuts from Orlandough.

Orlandough does all kinds of things with their selection of both vegan cake and non-vegan brioche organic donuts, offering some deliciously unique flavors. One review on Yelp said she absolutely fell in love with all of their selection that she tried but was particularly drawn to the pumpkin coffee vegan-flourless donut. UHM, YUM!

While Orlandough doesn't currently have a grab and go bakery for your to pop-into, they have multiple pop-up events throughout the year all around the state.

According to their website, they try to keep all of their pop-ups vegan if possible, but sometimes they have to do separate events. The next all-vegan flourless event will be a Harry Potter-themed event at The Heavy WP - or you can go all in and order yourself a full dozen from their website to munch at home. 'Bott's Every Flavor Beans' or 'Mandrake' inspired donut anyone?

They have a regular non-vegan pop-up event at Orlando Brewing - where they pair beer & doughnuts every 3rd Wednesday of the month.

They're even known to pair their doughnuts with hot chicken at The Heavy WP for some of the most insanely delicious-looking sandwiches we've ever seen.

Whether you prefer to go vegan or just want a classic, old-fashioned brioche donut, Orlandough's sweet donut creations will blow you away.

Orlandough Bakery

Price: $18 for a half dozen vegan private order, $36 for a dozen. Standard private orders of their brioche donuts (not vegan) are $4 per doughnut round or letter-shaped donut with a minimum of 12 donuts.Pop-up event prices vary depending on venue.

Address: While they don't have a physical bakery, Online orders are to be picked up from their Winter Park Pick-up facility at 2007 Dartmouth Ave Winter Park, FL 32789. 

Why you should order: Delicious vegan and flour-less donuts that will blow you away - whether you live the vegan or gluten-free lifestyle or not, people have raved about how delicious their donuts are of both the vegan cake and non-vegan brioche options. If you want to try before you buy, check out one of their pop-up events!


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