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There's A House Painted Like "Starry Night" In Florida & It's An Enchanting Masterpiece

Starlight, star bright; a painted home that brings delight.
Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night House In Florida Is A Hidden Real Estate Masterpiece

When you paint your house, you probably look for a color that adds curb appeal, as well as speaks to your personality. While most will use muted tones of greys & eggshell (or pops of pink & orange here in the Sunshine State), one Florida couple decided to recreate the masterpiece of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night on the entirety of their home.

Florida couple Nancy Nemhauser and Lubomir Jastrzebski's shining star home has become a bit of a minor tourist attraction in Mount Dora, but it all started as a simple labor of thought & love.

The couple commissioned the mural to cover the fence wrapping around the home for their son with autism, who had an overflowing love for the iconic painting. According to Reuter's report, the hope was that if their son were to ever get lost, he would be able to mention his Van Gogh painted home and people could help him return safely.

After completion of the fence mural in 2017, the couple received citations that their home violated city code, due to the swirling pattern not matching the rest of the exterior — deeming it to be "graffiti" and attempting to force the owners to paint over the controversial work of art.

In response, the couple painted the entirety of the outside to match, yet were still met with additional citations from the city who had said it was improper & feared that it would be a distraction to drivers.

The couple fought back against the city for violating their right to free expression, winning and receiving a $15,000 settlement as well as having their home exempt from further ordinances in 2018.

Today, the masterpiece continues to catch the eyes of visitors, with additional artwork resembling the Van Gogh style added and completed earlier in the year; many walk by or stop at the one of a kind home located on W Old US Highway 441 & West Sixth Ave near downtown Mt. Dora.

If you decide to drive by, leave with nothing but photos and a sense of awe at the artistic expression that covers every inch of this stellar starry house.

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