So many great things are happening this fall in Central Florida, but our favorite news is perhaps this: Big Bounce America, the world’s biggest inflatable theme park is coming to Orlando.

Don’t deny it. You’ve felt it. That stab of jealousy when you end up at a little kid’s birthday party and you see it — a towering structure of bouncy wonder. The inflatable bounce house where screams of delight (and maybe terror as that one kid falls and inevitably gets smacked around a bit before getting back up) from kids much smaller than you proceed to have the time of their lives.

And you, you sad, sad adult, are left on the sidelines to eat sad cake and make sad conversation to people you don’t even like. You want to be in the bounce house. We all want to be in the bounce house. And by the grace of the Bounce Gods, our childhood dreams are coming true this October.

And just like how everything seemed so much bigger and grander when we were kids, this is not just a bounce house.

The event will also feature America’s biggest inflatable obstacle course, airSPACE, which includes giant slides, a 60-feet tall blow-up maze, and a ball pit. A ball pit! It really can’t get any better.

This bounce house is no joke. When they say it’s the world’s biggest, what they mean is that it’s currently a Guinness World Record holder.

Along with live DJs, there will be plenty of games, climbing towers, dancing, and bubbles. Oh god, there are bubbles, too?! Never mind, it did get better.

You can test your Ninja Warrior skills on The Giant, America’s largest inflatable obstacle course.

With over 40 unique obstacles, there is a kid-friendly route for each challenge, so you can avoid any unhappy memories of always being last in gym class or whatever.

Needless to say, this event will sell out fast. So, spend some time away from your phone and social media, and spend it making new memories with your family and childhood friends.

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Big Bounce America 

Price: $32

When: October 19-27

Address: 1875 Silver Spur Ln Kissimmee FL 34744

Why You Need To Go: To relive the childhood wonder of bouncing in a giant bounce house!