Florida Will Soon Be Home To The World's Largest Drive-In Movie Theater

The ultimate movie night!
World's Largest Drive-In Theater Florida Will Be The Ultimate Movie Night

Romantic, cozy, and a total throwback, drive-in theaters are a great way to shake up movie night and can even encourage social distancing while having fun. Florida is home to some of the oldest surviving drive-in movie theaters, and soon, it will also hold Florida's and the world’s largest drive-in theater.

Called Lighthouse 5, the theater will be found in Eustis and feature 5 different screens, on-site restaurants, and even camping!

While drive-in movie theaters were prime entertainment in the 1940s to the 1960s, they faded into obscurity for a while before seeing a revival in recent years.

Like any good old fashion trend, they’ve been gaining popularity with people of all ages recently, and the Sunshine State itself has a number of them.

This new development in Eustis is a blend of nostalgic entertainment and modern convenience. An opening date hasn't been announced yet.

On their Facebook page, they explain that two to three screens would be dedicated to new Hollywood releases, one to two screens for old throwbacks, and one screen for film fests, indies, and rentals.

This would be your one-stop-shop for all your movie needs.

At the center of it all would be a lighthouse, the location’s namesake, as featured on their Facebook page.

The idea comes from Eustis native Spencer Folmar, who just purchased 71.4 acres of property for $460,000 in early March.

The world’s largest drive-in theater could be a popular destination for many, and a place to revisit all your favorite films and exciting new releases at once.