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You Can Have The Most 'Fly' Sleepover Ever At This Extraordinary Renovated Airplane Hangar In Florida

The Danville Inn is located inside an airplane hangar.

If you want full privacy and let your dreams take flight, you need to book this Airbnb. The Danville Inn is located inside an airplane hangar with the coolest amenities and view. 

This Airbnb was featured on HGTV Million-Dollar Homes and is the coolest place if you have a passion for travel. The home is available for four guests and it features two bedrooms with king and queen size beds, two bathrooms, an elevator, indoor fireplace, kitchen, and more. The place is located near downtown Orlando in Geneva and to nearby attractions, beaches, and theme park. 

Guests can book this one-of-a-kind Airbnb for only $105 night or $26.25 per person. You can also get your own kayak, visit a pistol shooting range with a staff, or relax and enjoy the ground in the patio area. 

There's so much to do at this place and it also has the cutest backdrop for wedding style photoshoot. Maybe this could be your next engagement photo shoot and stay. There is an indoor movie theatre with an 80 inch 3-D TV  you can use during your visit and happy hour special at O'Shaw's Pub inside the hangar. 

Via airbnb

This Airbnb is a little downtown movie-theme that seems taken from a 1940s film. You can also ask for their exclusive plane rides and horse excursions. You can definitely trust staying at this location because the Airbnb hosts are super hosts. 

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Via airbnb

Via airbnb

Via airbnb

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You can book The Danville Inn through Airbnb here.