You Will Want To Add This Natural Lazy River Near Orlando To Your Summer Bucket List

Apopka Florida's Rock Springs Run is a gorgeous floater's paradise.
You Will Want To Add This Natural Lazy River Near Orlando To Your Summer Bucket List

Spring has sprung and the Florida heat waves are sure to crash in here soon. Thankfully we have been blessed with plenty of cool bodies of water to take a dip in. What better way to keep cool in the spring, than in a spring - this free-flowing Florida waterway stands out among the rest, letting you leisurely float down a natural lazy river.

Located at Kelly Park in Apopka Florida, Rock Springs Run is a crystal clear floaters paradise that will take you on a relaxing down-stream float. The tubing pass winds through some of Florida's most luscious natural scenery stretched across about a mile of distance.

It would take about 25 minutes to float the entire thing from start to finish if you didn't stop to take in the stunning sights around you. Throughout your winding adventure down-river, there are plenty of opportunities that open up for you to swim around, snorkel, or snap the most perfect photo of your peace adventure for your Insta-feed. 

There are also be banks along the sides of the river that give you a chance to get out of the water to work on your summer tan - or take a moment for yourself to find some zen with a little yoga.

To float this lazy river, you'll need your trusty tube - if you have one of your own, you're free to bring it with you as long as it's no longer than 5 ft. If not, you can rent one from Rock Springs Bar and Grill just outside of Kelly Park for $7. They open for tube rentals as early as 6:30 am according to their questions section on Google.

Not only can you float all day here but you can also kayak, canoe, or hike across the numerous trails that wind the 245-acre park. And if only 1 day enjoying this beautiful waterway isn't enough, you can make a weekend out of it and camp at Kelly Park's tent and r.v. park.

To enter Kelly Park, it's $3 per vehicle seating 1-2 people; for a vehicle seating 3-8 people, it's only $5 and if you're group's larger than 8, it's $1 per additional person - still a super affordable and relaxing day in or on the water. Just look at how peaceful this float is with the additional ambiance of trickling water and soft tunes of Florida songbirds:

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If you're ready to feel the serenity and be a little lazy with a relaxing free-float downstream, Rock Springs Run is located at Kelly Park at 400 E Kelly Park RDApopka, FL 32712. The park is known to reach max visitor capacity in the warmest summer months, so they always recommend calling ahead.

For more information or to contact Kelly Park regarding visitor's capacity, check their website here.

Disclaimer: We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit a potentially hazardous location, you check for the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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