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Adrenaline Addicts Can Ride The Only Zip Line Roller Coaster In The U.S. In Florida

There's nothing else like this in the U.S!
Adrenaline Addicts Can Ride The Only Zip Line Roller Coaster In The U.S. In Florida

When it comes to thrill-seeking attractions, roller coasters are definitely the best. Florida certainly has no shortage of theme parks, but it only has 1 of this type of rollercoaster; you can ride the only zip line rollercoaster in the entire country here in Florida and it will take you on the ride of a lifetime.

In St. Cloud Florida, you'll find a 4700-acre conservation area and thrill seekers paradise known as Forever Florida. At this park, you can camp, horseback ride or buggy tour through Florida's natural landscape, but the real thrill comes in the form of the only Zipline Coaster in the entire U.S.

This 1300 foot long ride will take up above the treetops at nearly 80 ft in the air.  You'll have all those stunning nature views as you swoop and dip down the track, completely open to the elements. We never much liked that feeling of being strapped into a rollercoaster, even though it's necessary!

The zipline-coaster combines the freedom and sense of adventure that ziplines give you with the heart racing plummet of a rollercoaster. The zip line gets up to 30 miles per hour; You'll feel like you're literally soaring through the air.

If you're looking to further fuel your adrenaline trip, you can test your bravery by stepping off of their 45ft tower on an assisted free-drop. You'll be screaming as you step off the 7 story tower and plummet to the earth, where you land safely of course.

If you're not quite ready to ride the coaster or step off the tower, you can get your feet wet with one of the slower zip line adventures first. Once you feel more relaxed, zip and zoom through the treetops on the ride of a lifetime that you're sure to never forget.

Forever Florida Zipline Roller Coaster

Location: 4755 N Kenansville Rd, St Cloud, FL 34773

Price: The coaster comes in the 3 part zip line adventure pack, which is $80/person for 3 separate zipline adventures including the coaster, 45-foot free drop, and the Peregrine Plunge zipline. Minimum of 2 people per tour. Weight requirement of at least 55lbs but no more than 265lbs must be met in order to participate.

Hours: Forever Florida park hours are 8:30am-5pm daily; however, you book your zip coaster ride in an available timeslot online through their website.

Why you need to go: It's the only zip-line roller coaster in the entire U.S., and it will fill your need for speed! You'll soar through the Florida tree-tops at speeds up to 30 miles per hour, with nothing between you and nature as you suspend almost 80 ft in the air. An adrenaline-fueled adventure that you need to take!


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