Ottawa Woman Accuses Lead Singer Of Hedley Of Rape

And his lawyer speaks up.
Ottawa Woman Accuses Lead Singer Of Hedley Of Rape

Let's just say Hedley has definitely been under fire the past few weeks. The band, who have been accused of sexual assault by young fans, have also been dropped by their management while pulling out of the JUNOs as well as having their nominations taken away. And now, amongst all of that, the lead singer of the band, Jacob Hoggard, is being accused of rape by a woman in Ottawa. 

According to CBCan unidentified woman spoke up and said Hoggard raped her in a hotel room at the Thompson Hotel in Toronto after meeting on Tinder back in 2016. She first matched with the lead singer, which then lead to a couple of weeks of flirtatious Snapchats. She then claims the singer raped her in a hotel room in Toronto, and then sent her away crying uncontrollably.  

She never filed a police complaint or took him to court because she didn't want her name associated with 'the girl being raped by the singer of Hedley', the unidentified woman says. She also states that she thought it was her fault because she went to his hotel room to meet him. 

However, a statement from Hoggard's lawyer states that he, at no time, has acted badly. You can read the full statement from his lawyer here, but he claims that he did not do anything without her consent, but is very sorry that the woman is upset. The woman from Ottawa also claims that she expected sex, she knows that and wasn't expecting to go watch TV with him but 'he completely crossed the line'.

You can read the full statement of her accused rape on CBCwhere the woman gave her interview. She goes into full detail, stating that she said 'stop' repeatedly through tears where he started to choke her and then dragged her to the bathroom by her legs. She reveals the only time he asked for her consent was to urinate on her, to which she replied 'No, that's disgusting'.