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10 Best And Most Flavourful Ottawa Indian Restaurants

Take me to flavourtown.
10 Best And Most Flavourful Ottawa Indian Restaurants

You truly haven't experienced exotic flavour until you've had Indian cuisine. Some people are scared to try it because they believe it will be spicy, but that's not something to worry about. Worry if you haven't tried Indian food before, because you're missing out on a delicious and satisfying meal.

I know, trying new foods can be overwhelming and scary. However, since I've gathered this list for you, you really have no more excuses. These 10 best Indian restaurants in Ottawa are sure to blow your mind and your tastebuds, I promise. So if you're an Indian food virgin or it's your fav dish, either way, you need to try out these 10 amazing restaurants!

1. Little India Cafe // 66 Wylie Avenue

Little India Cafe is one of the oldest Indian restaurants in Ottawa and has years of experience which is also why their food is so delicious. They offer a lunch buffet from 11:30 am to 2 pm and they have options everyone will fall in love with.

2. Taj Indian Cuisine // 3009 Carling Avenue

Taj Indian Cuisine caters to all their customers needs, which means they offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. Their butter chicken is to die for and they also offer a lunch buffet from 11 am - 2 pm so if you can't choose what meal you want, this is the perfect spot for you to go.

3. Brampton Authentic Indian Foods // 178 Meadowlands Drive West

At Brampton Authentic Indian Foods, you can dine in, take out or get your food delivered. Their food is so affordable, but that doesn't mean it's not delicious. They definitely know the right way to flavour their dishes and you can bet there will be no leftovers. They're also vegetarian friendly as well.

4. Coconut Lagoon // 853 St Laurent Boulevard

Coconut Lagoon has a weekday lunch buffet for $16 or a weekend brunch buffet for $18, so you can be sure to taste all the delicious options they have on their menu. Their chickpea curry is unreal and goes along great with any of their other dishes. If you're looking for delicious Indian food that is vegan friendly, check out this place.

5. Host India Cuisine // 622 Montreal Road

Not only does Host India Cuisine have amazing options that anyone will love, they also have crazy good dessert options as well. They have a wide selection of breads, which is definitely dangerous for anyone involved. I'd definitely recommend the ginger chicken plate. Is anyone else starving now?

6. Mia's Indian Cuisine // 917 Richmond Road

Mia's Indian Cuisine is an adorable family owned restaurant that puts their customers first. They are open for lunch and dinner and if you can't choose what meal to get, the chefs specials will help you out with that. It's an easy, go to section of the menu that is sure to satisfy all of your cravings!

7. Shafali Indian Restaurant & Bazaar // 55 ByWard Market Square

This restaurant is right in the heart of the ByWard Market and is a must-try in Ottawa. If you're not sure what to order, they have a great appetizer platter option that will give you a little bit of everything you've ever wanted. They also have combinations for that reason as well, so you can keep it for yourself or share with a loved one. Even if you get the combination for 2 for just yourself, it comes with a dessert so it's a win win situation.

8. East India Company // 210 Somerset Street West

East India Company is best known for their authentic and quality Indian food in Ottawa. You'll really feel like you're in another country while in this restaurant, as the vibe is so spot on. They are a buffet restaurant in which the selection changes daily, however, they do offer takeout and delivery as well. If you're looking for an authentic and real Indian cuisine experience, I recommend East India Company.

9. Kochin Kitchen // 271 Dalhousie Street

Kochin Kitchen offers a buffet on the weekdays and weekends, as well as appetizers and main course options. They have every single option you could ever want, but what I highly recommend is the caramelized banana with ice cream for dessert. I think that's something we all need to experience ASAP.

10. Shaan Curry House // 1489 Merivale Road

Shaan Curry House has every option you could think of, and they definitely don't make it easy for you to choose. How are you supposed to choose between so many delicious options? Good thing for you, they have lunch specials everyday of the week that will help you decide. They also offer combos that come with more than you can handle, so I'd recommend those if it's your first time at Shaan Curry House!

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