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10 Best Restaurants In Ottawa You Need To Go To If You Really Love Pancakes

It seems like every Sunday morning after a rough night, all you want are some pancakes. Pancakes are essentially the best comfort food in the world, and you can't deny it. It brings you right back to your childhood, especially if it has chocolate chips in it.

Now that we're grown up, we look for the finer things in life. Like pancakes that are whole wheat, or that are so fancy we must Instagram them. Good thing for you, I've put in a mix of both so you can have your (pan)cakes and eat it too. So here are 10 best restaurants in Ottawa you need to go to if you really love pancakes. Because who doesn't, right?

1. Fraser Cafe // 7 Springfield Road

What to order: Whole wheat and yogurt pancakes with whipped cream and fruit compote

2. Eggspectation // 171 Bank Street

What to order: Chocolate chip pancakes or banana walnutella pancakes

3. Perkins Restaurant & Bakery // 1130 St Laurent Boulevard

What to order: Pancake dippers

4. Sunset Grill // 100 Marché Way

What to order: Sunset pancakes

5. Jak's Kitchen // 479 Bronson Avenue

What to order: Whatever pancake special they have on!

6. Café Cinq Sens // 417 Boul Alexandre-Taché

What to order: Classic pancakes with berries and whipped cream

7. Art Is In Bakery // 250 City Centre Avenue

What to order: Buttermilk pancakes

8. Flapjacks Canadian Diner // 354a Preston Street

What to order: Strawberry and Nutella pancakes

9. Stoneface Dolly's // 416 Preston Street

What to order: Ricotta blueberry pancakes

10. Baker Street Cafe // 385 Richmond Road

What to order: Chocolate chip pancakes... with a LOT of chocolate!

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