10 Best Spots To Grab Breakfast In Kingston Right Now

I'll have a mimosa, please.
10 Best Spots To Grab Breakfast In Kingston Right Now

Kingston is a small town, but they know how to do breakfast and brunch. If you're super hungover from the night before, or just want to celebrate making it through finals with a mimosa, this list will save your life.

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Whether you're looking for breakfast or brunch, this places will satisfy every single craving. Want a pancake bigger than your own head? We can make that happen. Here are 10 best spots to grab brunch in Kingston!

Windmills // 184 Princess St

Must try: Cranberry raisin french toast, ham and cheese crepe, brunch burger

Toast & Jam // 1530 Bath Rd

Must try: Ratatouille, buttermilk pancakes, the fry up

Peter's Place // 34 Princess St

Must try: Feta cheese and tomato omelette, house special breakfast

Juniper Cafe // 370 King St W

Must try: Breakfast sandwich, veggie breakfast sandwich

Eggsquis // 2774 Princess St

Must try: Banana and hazelnut french toast on a crepe, bistro casserole

AquaTerra // 1 Johnson St

Must try: Blueberry ricotta pancakes, doughnut feature

Morrison's Restaurant // 318 King St E

Must try: Morrison's super breakfast, triple pancakes

Café le Matin // 137 Princess St

Must try: Belgian waffle, the big breakfast

Fardella's Classic Bakery // 2792 Princess St

Must try: Baked french toast, bistro breakfast sandwich

Pan Chancho // 44 Princess St

Must try: Stuffed french toast, the weekender, curry and eggs