10 Of The Best Spots To Nap At Carleton U

Just don't tell anybody.
10 Of The Best Spots To Nap At Carleton U

It's that time of year. You've given up, but it's okay. We're feeling burnt out and are longing for the reading week. In the meantime, there's no better ailment than a nice 2 hour nap in between classes.

Stop neglecting the sleep your body desperately needs. Grab your backpack, turn it into a pillow and head into a long, deep slumber.

Here are 10 of the best (and most tranquil) spots to nap at Carleton U. Just don't tell too many people. 

1. MacOdrum Library, 5th Floor

At the window that overlooks the Central Experimental Farm. Not only is this the silent floor, the elevator at MacOdrum is so slow that most students are too impatient to reach the top. If they take the stairs, most will decide to turn back or will try to nap on floor 4, but floor 4 is packed with people who have given up. Don't give up. We're not sure if it's intentional, but the brown seats have cushions that lean back.

2. River Building, 5th Floor

On the side of the building that faces Rideau River. Not the 4th floor, where the lounge is. That's too easy. Chairs and couches that are often vacant await.

3. Dunton Tower, 12th Floor

Canadian Studies Lounge.

4. Paterson Hall, 4th Floor

At the Department of History. One of the more scenic napping locations and lounges on campus. Often spacious and quiet.

5. Any of the picnic tables along Rideau River

Outside of the River Building Tim Horton's. Let the river rapids calm your stressed self and send you into a deep slumber.

6. Loeb Building, Section C, 1st Floor

An unsung napping location, often more associated with being a study space. The tables and chairs outside the theatre are plentiful. If you have trouble finding a spot, walk outside in the direction of the Pizza Pizza. There is a patio that is pretty quiet.

7. Steacie Building, 1st Floor

The section attached to the first floor of the River Building. The River Building is so appealing that most students ignore studying or napping here. If, by chance, all the chairs (and the blue couch) are taken, head into the tunnel entrance in the lobby between River Building and Steacie. The place is usually never hectic and is a napping classic.

8. The Quad

Anywhere on the grass. It's like a giant bed.

9. Tory Building, 2nd Floor

Near the water fountain, around the corner is a couch tucked away. If it's too busy, take the stairs near the exit of the egg theatre and walk down.

10. St. Patrick's Building, 4th Floor

Near the lamp post. Classrooms on the floor are usually vacant, so you could also try for one of those before you're kicked out. The Film Studies library is also nice.