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10 Of The Best Sushi Spots You Need To Try In Ottawa

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10 Of The Best Sushi Spots You Need To Try In Ottawa

If you've had sushi before, you know the craving never goes away. This Japanese cuisine is one of those foods you just can't get sick of because there is so much variety everywhere you go. Sometimes all I think about is sushi. It's fine.

Anyways, if you haven't tried sushi before, you're missing out. Sushi can be vegan or vegetarian, and can be made gluten-free as well. It's not hard to find quality sushi, but it's hard to know which spots to choose from. So here is a list of 10 of the best sushi spots you must try in Ottawa–you're welcome.

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Hockey Sushi // 4055 Carling Avenue

Hockey Sushi is a great place to go if you're looking for delicious and affordable sushi. They have a crazy amount of options, however, you only have to order what you want. If you're looking for a big meal. they have amazing sushi combos that have so many different options.

Tomo // 109 Clarence Street

Yes, that place with the super cool and hipster bathroom. They're known for that, but they should be known for their amazing sushi. Tomo is more of an upscale sushi place, but you'll feel like royalty dining there. Not to mention that their restaurant is so cool, you'll want to Instagram every inch of it.

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1000 Sushi Islands // 129 Riocan Avenue

My personal favourite all you can eat sushi spot. For lunch, it's only 15.99 and you can literally get the entire menu if you desire. The service is super fast, and the sushi doesn't disappoint. The options are endless, but beware because you must eat everything on your plate. Challenge accepted.

Sushi 88 // 690 Somerset Street West

Sushi 88 is a cute little spot that has the best sushi combos. Not only is their sushi super affordable, but it's quality sushi. Whatever kind of sushi you're craving, they have it. They even have a sushi roll with kiwi in it. Need I say more?

Kiko Sushi Bar // 349B Preston Street

This high quality sushi is amazing for the price. Some items can be more expensive, but that's only because they're very high quality. If you're having a dinner with friends here, they offer sushi boats that come with a variety of different options that everyone will love. Most of their items can be made gluten-free as well.

168 Sushi Japanese Buffet // Multiple Locations

This is another amazing all you can eat sushi spot! It costs 14.95 per person, and they serve quality sushi. You will become hooked to this place after trying it for the first time, and for students, it's the perfect lunch spot since it's super affordable.

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TEN SUSHI Buffet // 1490 Bank Street

At this buffet, you can order whatever you want off of a tablet. Not only does it make you feel super cool, but it's pretty convenient and your food gets delivered super quick to your table. It's a higher price than a lot of all you can eat sushi places, but the food is definitely worth it.

New Generation Sushi // 150 Laurier Avenue West

New Generation Sushi is a sushi place that everyone needs to try. They're dedicated to making their sushi different, and offering a variety of flavours to give you the best sushi experience ever. Like the picture above, they also offer an assortment of sushi depending on what you're craving that day. It's a great way to try out all different kinds of sushi since you can never have too much sushi.

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Steak & Sushi // 87 Clarence Street

Of course, this restaurant offers steak and sushi. Surprised? Anyways, this is high quality sushi (and steak) that is definitely worth the price. This is a great place to bring someone if they haven't tried sushi before, since there are other safe options for them. Steak and sushi may seem like they don't go together, but it will blow your mind.


KINKI LOUNGE KITCHEN is probably the most unique sushi spot in Ottawa. Their maki rolls are to die for, and they can also be made with gluten-free soy paper as well. This is also a great place to take someone who hasn't experienced the blessing of sushi before, because they have a menu literally called 'not sushi'. I recommend trying the not sushi menu and the sushi menu, because they're both unreal.

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