It's not that it's cold in Ottawa anymore, but now we have a new reason to complain: the rain. Of course it's going to rain, it's spring. And at least it melts all of the snow, but rain is only convenient for sleeping at night or on a Sunday. Other than that, stop.

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So if you're still feeling those winter blues because the sun hasn't been out in a while, here is your chance to escape! Summer is just around the corner but I'd rather not wait. Here are 10 cheap flights you need to book out of Ottawa to get away from this rainy weather.

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Nashville, Tennessee // $289

April 11th – April 19th. Book here.

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Cancun, Mexico // $430

April 10th – April 17th. Book here.

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Las Vegas, Nevada // $418

April 17th – April 21st. Book here.

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New York City, New York // $328

April 11th – April 18th. Book here.

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Honolulu, Hawaii // $684

April 22nd – May 1st. Book here.

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Miami, Florida // $541

April 23rd – April 30th. Book here.

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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic // $515

April 23rd – April 30th. Book here.

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Austin, Texas // $528

April 24th – April 28th. Book here.

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Havana, Cuba // $423

April 17th – April 27th. Book here.

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Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands // $575

April 17th – April 24th. Book here.