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10 Cool Restaurants/Bars In Ottawa You Should Have Already Gone To In 2016

As we are all aware, 2016 is almost over and we probably didn't do as much as we said we would. I mean, it happens every year. But there is still time to scratch things off of your bucket list! You don't have to wait until 2017.

We recognized some cool and amazing restaurants in 2016 and believe you should check them out too. All of these have a unique spin to them, and some are even new to Ottawa! Whether they're been around for years or are just popping up this year, we need to give the restaurant scene some love.

Nothing good ever comes out of staying in your comfort zone, so try out these 10 cool restaurants/bars you really should have already gone to in 2016. You don't want to have FOMO, right?

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1. Fauna // 425 Bank Street

Fauna spent two years designing and renovating their restaurant, so there is no way you'll be disappointed. They use local ingredients that change from season to season, and they serve smaller plates so you can enjoy more of their food. They also stay open later from Thursday to Saturday, so you can enjoy one of their cocktails and relax.

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2. Riviera Ottawa // 62 Sparks Street

This super cool airport lounge-like restaurant will make you feel sophisticated AF. They have a super simple menu that gives you only the best options, and offer lunch and dinner but will soon offer brunch. Their simple menu doesn't include their drink menu, as their drink menu is pages long and you just can't go wrong there.

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3. The King Eddy // 45 Clarence Street

Ah, the king of fried chicken. And you still haven't gone here, why exactly? They have great food, are open 24 hours a day from Thursday to Saturday and their decor will give you all the 90s feels. It's sort of like an upgraded version of a diner, with foods that will comfort you no matter what.

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4. Bar Laurel // 1087 Wellington Street West

Bar Laurel is the bar we all wish we were cool enough to visit. They have more of a snack menu than anything, but they have every drink you could ever want or imagine. The chef and owner has been working in kitchens for 12 years, and the detailed attention to the food at Bar Laurel will definitely prove his hard work.

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5. The Albion Rooms // 33 Nicholas Street (Inside Novotel)

The Albion Rooms is sort of a hidden gem in Downtown Ottawa. Located in Novotel, this comfy restaurant is the perfect spot to meet up with friends for a drink after work. Share one of their amazing charcuterie board, and you'll definitely feel relaxed after a long day.

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6. Fairouz // 343 Somerset Street West

Fairouz is located in an adorable house, which sounds way less cool than it actually is. The decor is unreal, and it makes this Middle Eastern restaurant stand out from all the others. As soon as you walk in, you won't want to leave and will want to snap so many pictures for Instagram. They're open for lunch and dinner, but they have these ice cream bars that you must try out. If the decor didn't draw you in, the food 100% will.

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7. Bar Robo // 692 Somerset Street West

Bar Robo sells everything from snacks, to coffee, to cocktails. They want to be the go-to place to study during the day, but also the go-to place for you to let loose at night. They have events almost daily, and if you're looking for a fun place to try out, you won't be disappointed with Bar Robo.

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8. Andaz Ottawa ByWard Market // 325 Dalhousie Street

Andaz Ottawa ByWard Market is the most urban and classy place you can go. If you're looking for the perfect place for a date, to celebrate a birthday or just to chill out while turning up (sorry), you'll love it here. Their bar which is called Copper Sights & Spirits has glass windows and a rooftop patio that overlooks Downtown ottawa so you will never get sick of visiting here.

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9. Carben Food + Drink // 1100 Wellington Street West

The owners of this quaint and vibrant restaurant are husband and wife, and make sure they serve their guests the best of the best. Their menu is inspired by local food, and they're open for brunch and dinner. Their restaurant is super unique to Ottawa, which is a great thing here.

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10. Atari // 297 Dalhousie Street

There is one thing Atari wants for their customers and it's to have a good time. They have weekly events that cater to their customers and treat everyday like a party. They have the funnest drinks and their menus are so unique you'll want to try everything. Definitely order the drink with cotton candy on top. You'll never regret cotton candy.

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