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10 Crazy Caesars You Can Get In Ottawa

A Canadian delicacy
10 Crazy Caesars You Can Get In Ottawa

Calling all tomato lovers. Caesars are definitely an acquired taste, but when you love them you love them. It's the perfect hangover cure, or the perfect drink to sip on a patio on a hot AF day. 

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While Ottawa isn't necessarily a crazy city, we know what's up when it comes to caesars. And the best part? They can be found at pretty much every restaurant. However, they're definitely not all crazy. So here are 11 crazy caesars you can get in Ottawa. You're welcome!

via @andazottawa

Copper Spirits and Sights // Andaz Ottawa ByWard Market

This caesar is so original it deserved its own article. Copper Spirits and Sights definitely tapped into what Canadians really want, and they rimmed their amazing caesar with ketchup chips. Enough said.

via @michovino

Churchills // 356 Richmond Rd

This caesar is everything. The combo that decorates the caesar is celery, pickle, spicy beans, horse radish, stuffed olive, and a homemade beef jerky stick. Uhmmm, beef jerky in a caesar? Into it.

via @yourspags

The Whalesbone // Multiple Locations

Who cares what's in the actual caesar, this one has an oyster on top! If you're a seafood lover, this will definitely be your #1 choice.

via @thealbionrooms

The Albion Rooms // 33 Nicholas St

I don't even have to explain this one. Even if you don't know what's in it, the look of it is unreal enough to order ASAP.

via @deer_skin

The Smoque Shack // 129 York St

This caesar is filled with all of the goodness you could ever want. Filled to the brim with all different kinds of meats, it could probably qualify as a snack.

via @hazel.naught

The Hintonburg Public House // 1020 Wellington St W

Are you ready? This is a Shawarma caesar. Not sure how that's possible, but not sure if I would ever say no either.


Sens House // 73 York Street

This caesar is a basic caesar but the fact that is comes with a Hot Rod, which is a nostalgic childhood snack, is enough to say yes to. If you haven't had a Hot Rod or a caesar in years, this should be your go to.

via @amssster

Allium // 87 Holland Ave

If you love spice, this is the caesar for you. This chipotle caesar includes grilled green onion, bacon, vodka, Worcestershire and chipotle puree. Is your throat burning just thinking about it? Same.

via @shakercuisineetmixologie

Shaker Cuisine & Mixologie // 1100 Boulevard Maloney O # 73

Shaker Cuisine & Mixologie thought one caesar wasn't enough, so they invented 3. One of them in a classic, one of them has BBQ sauce in it, and the other is spicy AF.

via @caesars_palate

Bistro Mexicana 129 // 129 Principale

This delicious caesar has an added bonus to it–a stick of calamari. Yum!

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