When you need a break from life, the first person you call is your best friend. Whether you just went through a breakup, other friends are being assholes, or life is just being annoying right now, they're there for you. However, most of the time neither of you can just jump on a plane to Mexico to really get away from it. You don't need to go that far to go on a trip, believe me.

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There are so many cute and fun places to go to around Ottawa that won't break the bank. The longest trip on this list is a two hour drive, which is totally acceptable for a day trip. So grab your best friend, even if you two just want to go on a trip together for no reason, and get driving!

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Distance: 1 hour 40 minutes

There is so much to do in Gananoque, however, there is no getaway like jumping on a boat for an hour or so. You could spend the day exploring the adorable town, and then catch a dinner cruise or go during the day and do some sightseeing. Either way, it'll be a nice way for you and your BFF to catch up while relaxing.

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Abraska Lafléche

Distance: 35 minutes

If you and your friend want to get away from the city but actually do something fun, this is where it's at. At Abraska Lafléche, you'll have so much fun zipling and going through all of the courses that both of you won't want to leave. Although, it's only a half hour away so you can for sure go back anytime!

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Fulton's Pancake House and Sugar Bush

Distance: 1 hour

Fulton's Pancake House and Sugar Bush is located near Pakenham, and will for sure be an amazing trip for those who love sugar. I mean, who doesn't? If you're feeling down in the dumps, Fulton's Pancake House and Sugar Bush will be able to get you out of that. You get to see where their maple syrup comes from, as well as taste it at their amazing restaurant. And yes, you must get their pancakes because obviously.

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Distance: Half hour

Chelsea is an adorable town in Quebec where there is so much to do. The #1 thing you must do is eat ice cream at La Cigale, and then go to the Siberian Cat Café! Since you're so close, you may as well take a hike at Gatineau Park as well. Your day will definitely be well spent here.

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Parc Oméga

Distance: 55 minutes

If you're an animal lover, Parc Oméga will make you so happy. Bring along your BFF to pet some deer and other animals, and you don't even have to get out of your car for it!

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Distance: 1.5 to 2 hours

Kingston is such an underrated city. There is so much history there, and you can do a lot in just one day. If you've been to Kingston before and find it boring, think again. You can visit the Kingston Penitentiary for a tour, or even check out these hidden gems. You'll both never want to leave!

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Sharbot Lake

Distance: 1 hour 35 minutes

Sharbot Lake is basically surrounded by water, so what more could you want? You can take a day trip here and just sit on the beach all day, reading magazines and catching up. You can even wait for the sun to go down! Just pack food for the whole day, make a picnic, and relax. Everyone must do this this summer.

Jabulani Vineyard & Winery

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Distance: 50 minutes

Jabulani Vineyard & Winery is a great place to go that's not too far, but is a completely different experience. You and your BFF will love the selection of wine they have, and you can even bring your own picnic to save money. This would be a great thing to do for a birthday, or even just to celebrate your friendship! Because who doesn't love wine?

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Alexandria Bay

Distance: 1 hour 50 minutes

Alexandria Bay is a short trip, however it's on the American side of the 1000 islands. You can visit the castles, eat along the water (which I highly recommend) or just spend the day shopping. There is also an outdoor tiki bar that you can go to, which sounds like so much fun and something you must do in the summer!

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Distance: 30 to 40 minutes

Strathmere is a short distance from Ottawa, and it's so worth the drive. It's a retreat and spa that has been open for 38 years, so they definitely know what they're doing. They have so many services that they do, but they also have yoga classes you can take to make you feel even more relaxed. They have a café called The Retreat Café that is an 100% scratch kitchen, and their food it to die for. So take the short trip up and see what you and your BFF are missing and deserve!