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10 Most Haunted Hotels In Canada You Need To Stay In At Least Once In Your Life

You see them in movies, you hear stories, but have you actually ever seen a ghost? Maybe it's just me, but I love paranormal stuff that you just can't explain. These stories are so interesting to hear about, and there is probably nothing like experiencing it yourself.

Why not book a vacation in a haunted hotel? It'll make for the coolest stories, the most surreal experience and probably a few nightmares. Don't worry, just sleep with the light on! Here are 10 most haunted hotels in Canada you need to stay in at least once in your life.

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1. Fairmont Hotel Vancouver // Vancouver, British Columbia

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, which is a beautiful hotel, is known to be haunted by a ghost they love the call the Lady In Red. If you ask the hotel about her, they won't even hesitate to talk about her. They treat her like she's part of the family, and that's the coolest part about it. Lady In Red was known as Jennie Pearl Cox and visited the hotel quite often, until she got into a fatal car accident in 1944. She decided to stay at the hotel afterwards, and they've actually named a drink after her. She is known to roam between the 1st and 14th floor, but usually stays around the 14th floor as her safe place. If you're brave enough, book a hotel room on the 14th floor and you'll probably see her entering a room or an elevator!

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2. Algonquin Resort // Saint Andrews, New Brunswick 

Algonquin Resort is an adorable and quaint hotel, however it is haunted by a disturbing ghost. All of the workers there believe that she is a former worker, considering she messes around with the table settings. She will arrange the table settings the way she thinks they should be done, and can also be spotted at the bar crying.

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3. Fort Garry Hotel // Winnipeg, Manitoba

Fort Garry Hotel is known for how haunted it is, specifically by one ghost. This ghost is known to be a women, who committed suicide in Room 202 after finding out her husband had died in a car accident. There have been multiple reports of people seeing blood dripping down the walls, feeling the sensation of someone crawling into bed with them while alone, and people waking up to see a woman standing at the end of the bed. There is a less famous ghost also at this hotel, that circles the lounge and can also be seen crying in a corner.

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4. Fairmont Château Laurier // Ottawa, Ontario

This hotel is known to be haunted by it's previous owner/the founder of the hotel. He unfortunately died on the Titanic before it was finished being built, so staff believe he sticked around to make sure it's how he pictured it and just never left. His presence is known to be a little bit mean, and he breaks objects and opens doors when he pleases. If you're lucky, you'll catch him walking around the hallways.

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5. Fairmont Empress // Victoria, British Columbia

Fairmont Empress is said to be haunted by multiple ghosts. A lot of people claim to see the buildings architect, Francis Rattenbury. He is a thin man with a moustache, and carries a cane as well. A maid has been seen cleaning on the sixth floor before, who had worked there previously. There is also reports of a women knocking on peoples doors in polka dot pyjamas asking for help to find her room.

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6. Fairmont Royal York // Toronto, Ontario

Multiple guests have complained about children running and laughing up and down the hallways, only to find there are actually no children outside the door. This is the biggest complaint that the Fairmont Royal York gets, as well as a man in a purple coat that haunts the eighth floor. The Fairmont Royal Yorks Crystal Ballroom shut down after violating multiple codes, yet guests have complained that they hear music coming from there if they are in the rooms underneath. In weird occasions, the elevator will take you right to the ballroom without you even pressing the button.

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7. Windermere House // Windermere, Ontario

According to multiple guests and staff, the owner Thomas haunts the building. He is said to knock on doors and moving items he believes should be in other places. Other guests have reported that they see a little girl next to their bed, only for her to quickly vanish afterwards.

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8. James Bay Inn // Victoria, British Columbia

James Bay Inn has a lot of paranormal incidences going on all the time. A painter named Emily Carr died there, and the room where she died is now the men's room at the pub. Apparently she isn't happy about this, and haunts the men's room now. Phones often ring in the middle of the night with no one on the other line, and guests have complained that they feel like someone is watching them while they sleep.

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9. Fairmont Le Château Frontenac // Quebec City, Quebec

Le Château Frontenac guests have reported sightings of Count of Frontenac, Louis des Buade, who the hotel was actually named after. He can be seen walking around the hotel, looking for his wife who apparently left after he died. There have also been multiple reports of guests complaining a women in white gets into bed with them.

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10. Fairmont Banff Springs // Banff, Alberta

Fairmont Banff Springs has a ghost that they refer to as Sam the Bellhop, who seems to do his job even while a ghost. He opens doors for people, makes wake up calls and if a room is locked, he helps them. Another tragic story is people see a bride falling down the stairs, who is known to be a bride that died on her wedding day. She has also been reported to dance alone in the ballroom or just walking up and down the staircase.

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