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What 10 Horror Movies Would Look Like If They Took Place In Ottawa

Ottawa isn't a city known for its film scene. Neither is it very spooky. It's actually one of the safest cities in the country. We've had some stuff filmed here before, but if something is going to be filmed in Canada it will probably be in Toronto. Or Vancouver. Montreal, too, maybe.

That isn't to say we can let our imaginations run wild. Ottawa has a lot of potential for film scouts, but in the past they just decided to choose other destinations anyway. If history were different (or maybe if people knew where Ottawa was), some horror movies probably could have been filmed here.

Here's what 10 horror movies probably would have looked like if they were filmed in Ottawa:

1. The Blair Witch Project

Location: Gatineau Park

Plot: 3 Algonquin College students headed off into the woods searching for the Blair Witch after reading about her on during class. They got lost and their tapes were found a year later at the Carbide Wilson Ruins.

2. Jaws

Location: Petrie Island

Plot: There's a great white shark in the Ottawa River but it actually doesn't pose a threat to the community because no one actually wants to go in the water anyway.

3. The Shining

Location: Chateau Fairmont Montebello

Plot: A struggling writer from Gloucester named Jack becomes the caretaker of the Chateau Fairmont Montebello and takes his wife and son along with him. Jack starts to get cabin fever in rural Quebec and his son starts seeing visions in the haunted hotel.

4. The Exorcist

Location: The Glebe

Plot: A 10th grade girl at Hopewell Public School is the daughter of an NAC actress. She becomes possessed and the only one can save her is an old priest from Southminster United Church.

5. The Descent

Location: Some sinkhole.

Plot: Shauna from Kingston goes to Ottawa to visit her friends in Orleans and ends up deciding to go explore the newest sinkhole that's opened up. They go down, find some paintings, evidence of old cars in the hole and that they're not alone.

6. The Birds

Location: Smiths Falls

Plot: A wealthy Centretown socialite pursues a Tinder match in Smiths Falls, but things go awry when Canadian geese start attacking everybody.

7. The Mist

Location: Barrhaven, Metro Strandherd

Plot: A mist rolls into Barrhaven and a bunch of locals lock themselves in the Metro to fend off the unknown creatures inside of it.

8. 1408

Location: Chateau Laurier

Plot: Mike is an author from Toronto who is obsessed with the paranormal, so he checks in at the haunted Chateau Laurier. The owner tries to tell him not to check in 1408 but he decides to go in anyway.

9. The Village

Location: Upper Canada Village

Plot: In 19th century Canada, a small village is living in fear of creatures that live inside the woods. It actually turns out that they're living in the 21st century the whole time and that everything in the village is fake. Bummer.

10. Child's Play

Location: Mrs. Tiggy Winkles, Place D'Orleans

Plot: A dying murderer uses some black magic he learned from books at the Orleans Public Library and transfers his soul into a doll at Mrs. Tiggy Winkles.

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