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10 Ottawa Restaurants To Celebrate Your Significant Other’s Birthday At

While you should treat your significant other like it's their birthday everyday, when the actual day comes along, you need to go out and celebrate! You can get into a rut of not wanting to celebrate your birthday as the years go on, but all of these 10 places will change that.

You can choose a place like East Side Mario's for the spinning wheel, or you can choose a fancy place like these to feel all grown up. So get dressed up, and show your bae some love! You can even surprise them by taking them to one of these restaurants, and I guarantee they'll love you even more for it.

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1. The Waverely // 339 Elgin Street

The Waverely has a relaxed ambience, but you'll still feel fancy if that's what you're looking for. The Waverely is a gastropub, and has an amazing selection of drink options that will exceed your expectations. The menu can be referred to as an upgraded pub menu, and you won't be disappointed.

2. Town/Citizen //296 Elgin Street/207 Gilmour Street

Town is a great place if you're looking for something different. They have options of small plates and large plates, so it's awesome if you're a couple that loves to share. Make sure you get one of their amazing desserts too, preferably the tropical banana shag cake. Yum! And if you're looking for something similar to Town, they just opened up a sister restaurant called Citizen right around the corner. It has a similar feel to Town, however it's a more casual restaurant that you can drop into and party at any time. If you're done at one of these restaurants and don't want to go home yet, pop into Citizen.

3. Luxe Bistro // 47 York Street

Luxe Bistro is the place to be if you're looking for relaxed, great food but still want to feel taken care of. They have an item on the menu for everyone, so even picky eaters will be amazed. They have a great selection of steak, or you can splurge and get the surf and turf since you are celebrating a birthday!

4. KINKI LOUNGE KITCHEN // 41 York Street

Kinki Lounge Kitchen is such a different type of restaurant, and in the best way possible. They have an array of sushi on the menu that is to die for, as well as other items that their menu declares as 'not sushi'. So if your significant other loves sushi and you hate it, this is where you can compromise. From sushi, to mac and cheese, to fried chicken, both of you are all set!

5. North & Navy // 226 Nepean Street

If you love seafood and Italian food, then you've hit the jackpot with North & Navy. North & Navy makes their dishes so unique, your tastebuds will thank you. It's in an adorable little house, and the pasta is freshly made so you'll feel like you've transported to Italy. You can celebrate alone with your SO, or you can host a party of them in one of their party rooms. Either way, they'll feel so special.

6. The Pomeroy House // 749 Bank Street

The Pomeroy House is open for brunch, lunch and dinner so you can get whatever you like! Their menu isn't packed, but the options they do have will definitely please you and your partner. They have a ton of starters, bar snacks and appetizers, so you'll definitely be walking out with a full stomach at the end of the night. A very happy stomach, too!

7. The Shore Club // 11 Colonel By Drive

The Shore Club is located in the Westin Hotel, and is probably the fanciest restaurant in this list. As you can probably tell by the name, The Shore Club serves lots and lots of seafood, so this is every seafood lovers dream. If you're really looking to treat your bae, this is the perfect place to do so. There are so many items on the menu that you can share, and the drink menu will definitely satisfy all of your needs.

8. steak & sushi // 87 Clarence Street

Steak and sushi offers, well, steak and sushi! Another great option for people who have two completely different appetites. This is a pretty laid back restaurant that serves the meat and sushi lover everything they could ever want. They also have a cocktail list that goes amazing with any order, so you'll be so satisfied. Of course they have other options besides sushi and steak, but can you really order anything else?

9. Gezellig // 377 Richmond Road

Gezellig is a beautiful two-story restaurant that makes you feel so grown up and fancy. They have such great options that again, are limited to a small menu, however you'll still want everything on the menu. No matter what meal you get, you'll want to save room for dessert. They have a great dessert menu, which makes for a perfect birthday dinner. They even have gelato, and who doesn't like gelato?

10. Social // 537 Sussex Drive

Social is a very elegant restaurant that is known for their creative menu. Their menu is nothing like you've seen before, and the atmosphere of the restaurant is enough to make you want to come back. They're open for brunch, lunch and dinner, so your SO can choose which one they want to try out. No matter what, both of you will be so pleased with the menu you'll want to come back to try every meal.

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