Elgin Street is lined with lively pubs and crosses through some of Ottawa's most notable sights. Being such a centralized location in the city, it's also notably a top spot for some of the city's best restaurants.

From Ottawa's best Korean fried chicken to some flavourful Mexican, there's no shortage of variety on Elgin. And, yes, there's more to Elgin than the Elgin Street Diner. Believe me (still good, though).

Here's 10 restaurants every foodie needs to go to on Elgin Street:

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Pancho Villa // 361 Elgin St.

Home to some of the city's best enchiladas, Pancho Villa has a well-rounded selection of traditional Mexican foods and at affordable prices - especially for the downtown core.

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The Fry // 280 Elgin St. Unit 3

Originally from Toronto, The Fry brings Korean fried chicken to Canada's capital and without compromise. Fried chicken and beer is huge in South Korea and anyone who has travelled there can attest to the authenticity of this place. They even have Korean plum liquor.

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Elgin Street Diner // 374 Elgin St.

Arguably the most famous restaurant on Elgin, this legendary (or infamous) 24 hour resto on the street's southside has served all walks of life. They're most notable for their famous poutine (which uses mushroom gravy, vegans) and their huge and generous blue plate breakfasts.

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The SconeWitch // 150 Elgin St.

A cute and trendy destination for a coffee and scone nearby the War Memorial, The SconeWitch's freshly-baked savoury scones are warm and flaky goodness. Their SconeWitches (Scone sandwiches) also make for an interesting lunch alternative, especially their breakfast Eggwitches.

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El Camino // 380 Elgin St.

On Sundays, pork tacos are only 3 bucks and Jameson shots are only 3 dollars, as well. But, really, on any day, their tacos (nonetheless still inexpensive) are their speciality and they have a long list of options, such as lamb tacos and even ox tongue tacos.

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Kochu // 361 Elgin St. #5

No foodie list is complete without sushi. You'll find an extensive list of sushi and sashimi at Kochu. They also share their menu with typical South Korean fare as well, like Bulgogi - tender Korean BBQ beef.

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Al's Steakhouse // 327 Elgin St.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in the city this year, Al's Steaks are an Ottawa tradition, seasoned with housemade spices and aged to perfection. Immensely tender angus steak and modernized decor make this a standout restaurant on Elgin. It's a place where prime ministers have frequented and even visting celebrities.

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Town // 296 Elgin St.

Exemplary Italian fare that offers tapas portions and large plates as well. The ricotta stuffed meatballs are a favourite for those cheese lovers. The plates are as stunning as they are delicious and, arguably, this could be the best place for Italian outside of Preston.

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The Captain's Boil // 354 Elgin St.

An incredibly fun, new seafood restaurant on Elgin that I hope is really here to stay. Seafood is brought to your table in a plastic bag (after being steamed or boiled), so get ready to be messy when chowing down on mussels, lobster or whatever your heart desires. Don't worry - you get bibs and plastic gloves.

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Pure Kitchen // 340 Elgin St.

Vegetarian and vegan fare and a juice bar where you could begin your so-called "juice cleanse." This means getting rid of toxins in your body through drinking juices with essential nutrients, all raw and made from scratch right in the restaurant.