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10 Salons In Ottawa You Can Completely Trust With Your Nails

Nails have become one of the biggest trends in the past couple of years and we're so into it. Coming from someone who is absolutely obsessed with painting her nails, I live for this trend. I feel like you can tell a lot about a person by the way they have their nails painted. Some always have a fresh new polish on, some prefer to go bare, and there are always the ones that ruin the fun with their chipped nail polish. And don't even get me started on the people who have had the same nail polish on for about two months, and it's only left on a couple of nails. *cringes*

No matter who you are, you deserve to be pampered. Getting your nails done and enjoying some me time is a great way to relax and you'll look sharp AF. Just like hairdressers, it's hard to find that salon/person that you trust completely with your nails. What if they f*ck up? What if the nail colour looks like shit on you? Realistically, it's not as big of deal as your precious hair, but it still helps you with your confidence. So I've found some amazing nail salons that will give you everything you want and more. If it's trendy, unique, or just a regular manicure, these 10 salons will work their magic!

Queen Nails // 312 Montreal Road

Above and Beyond Sculpted Nails // Home Salon

EuroSpa // 285 Palace Street

Polish Nail Bar // 701 Eagleson Road

Copesthetics // 301 1/2 Bank Street

Ivonne Sanchez Beauty // 344 Slater Avenue, 138 Sparks Street

Crazy Nails // 242 Bank Street

La Crystal Nail & Spa // 117 Murray Street

K Beauty Bar // 100 Bayshore Drive

The Upkeep Shoppe // 385 Preston Street

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