While summer is still kind of here (was it ever really actually here, though?), I can't help but be super pumped for fall. The clothing, the weather, the crisp leaves under your feet while you walk. Pure bliss. 

Fall is the best season hands down, but only before the snow falls. There's Thanksgiving, Halloween, pumpkin everything and so much more. And an excuse for every girl to wear leggings with every outfit. If you're over summer and ready to sit by a bonfire all night wearing plaid, this article is for you. 

1. You start hoping to see pumpkin spice everything on the menu at cafes 

Starbucks releases it's famous Pumpkin Spice Latte at the beginning of September, which means all of Ottawa's cafes will be joining in on the trend. Pumpkin spice just screams fall, and you can drink one while feeling the somewhat crisp but still humid air while walking around the ByWard Market. Basic? Yes. Delicious? Also yes.

2. You're not hot AF on the OC Transpo anymore 

This is just one of the thoughts everyone has while riding OC Transpo. In the summer, it's actually scorching hot while it's packed and if it's not you feel like the driver is trying to torture you by giving you hypothermia. The fall weather is perfect for riding the bus, since you don't need to wear no clothes or a winter jacket to be comfortable.

3. You're already planning what to do with your BFFs in the fall

F*ck planning for the rest of summer, when are we going to Saunders Farm?! While it's great to want to do things in the last few weeks of summer, if you're a planner like I am, you'll know you already started thinking about where you're gonna get pumpkins from.

4. Hiking in Gatineau Park actually sounds fun, not torturous 

Hiking in Gatineau Park is absolutely beautiful no matter what time of year, but in the summer it's hot AF. Trying not to die while climbing the stairs at Pink Lake is a concern when it's +35 degrees out. During fall time, the leaves are changing colours and these trails are the best ones to climb. And they're definitely not as hard without the damn humidity.

5. You've eaten your weight in ice cream 

I know, I know. Ottawa has unreal ice cream. From ice cream in a watermelon, to macaron ice cream sandwiches and bubble waffle cones, how can you not eat them? When summer ends, it gives you an excuse to lay off of the ice cream since you don't need to cool down as much. Now you can eat your weight in pumpkin everything and no one will notice because #leggingsandflannels.

6. Fall = better Instagrams. 

Let's be real, summer is great for Instagram pics because of the cute floaties and ice cream pics. However, you're probably running out of ideas now for your Instagram now. Thank the lord that fall is on it's way so you can have pictures while apple picking or at one of these adorable places.

7. You can't stand the summer heat but cringe thinking about winter

Even though winter is far away so we don't have to think about all the things we hate, when we do, we cringe. If you're reading this, you're probably over the summer heat but also more over the fact that Ottawa didn't have a summer because of all the rain. Fall is the perfect mix between summer and winter, and even though Ottawa only has about a month of true fall weather, it's perfect when it's here.

8. You've overdone it with the sangria and only want to drink beer now

Sangria is unreal in the summer, especially with all of specials we have in Ottawa. However, when it comes to fall, it's beer season. Especially with Oktoberfest! A beer is appropriate at any time of the year, but with plaid and the crisp air, you'll definitely be over getting drunk on margs.

9. Fall gives you a reason to shop for new clothing

Summer clothing is okay, fall clothing is on point. If you're looking to transform your wardrobe for fall, step out of your comfort zone and try out a local clothing store! If you're over shopping malls and how crowded they always are, boutiques always have the cutest and most underrated items.

10. You're ready for football games

Even though the Ottawa REDBLACKS start playing in the summer, the fall just screams football season. It's not scorching hot while trying to watch the game, and you feel less guilty for drinking a beer and eating 3 hot dogs in a row. And with the 105th Grey Cup being in Ottawa, you're bound to want to go to every game!