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10 Super Cute Ottawa Cafes You Need To Visit

These coffee shops will liven up your IG feed!

Let's be real. These days, if something isn't aesthetically pleasing or Instagram worthy, it's highly unlikely that we'll be willing to travel across town for it.

Luckily, we're here to guide you to the most photogenic, as well as delicious, Ottawa cafes to visit with your girlfriends and snap some insanely cute pics to show off your inner queen.

1. Arlington Five, 5 Arlington Ave.

A small, bustling cafe boasting the prettiest latte art. You'll be eager to gulp down their amazing coffee and devour a tasty sandwich. Don't forget to take endless pictures against the trendy wall art of its quaint exterior. A shot of their delicious iced coffee in masons jars with colourful straws ain't too shabby, either!

2. Quitter's Coffee, 1523 Main St. 

This cafe might be a little out of the way, but its wooden accents and antique furniture will make you feel right at home. Plus, the staff likes to decorate according to the season, which definitely adds to this spot's cuteness factor. It's the perfect place to catch up with friends and indulge in homemade treats. Whether inside or outside, you can take trendy, next-level pics here.

3. Equator Coffee, 412 Churchill Ave. N

This cafe gives us all the rom-com feels. Picture the ending of a girly movie, just you and your BFFs giggling away under the chic COFFEE sign. If you didn't Instagram it, did you even go?

4. The Vanitea Room, 551 Somerset St. W 

The absolute epitome of feminine elegance, The Vanitea Room is where you go to feel dainty. Who doesn't want to enjoy a fun afternoon of piping hot English tea and a creative assortment of tasty bites? If you're feeling a little funky, celebrate with your girls and a boozy brunch (bottomless mimosas? Yes, please!). Seriously, this place can't steer you wrong - just check their Insta for inspo!

5. The Ministry of Coffee, 274 Elgin St.

With such awesome coffee and heavenly baked goods, it's no wonder this cute, local coffee shop expanded to three other locations in Ottawa. Ministry of Coffee is the perfect place to bring your girlfriends for a great pick-me-up while shopping downtown.

6. Origin Trade, 111 York St. 

This cafe is the definition of chill vibes. Stop in on a rainy afternoon with your best friend and you'll feel as calm and collected as ever. A great place to lounge and reconnect with your girls over inventive coffee cocktails.

7. Art Is In Bakery, 250 City Centre Ave.

With its industrial Brooklyn cafe meets Paris boulangerie vibes, Art Is In Bakery is truly one of a kind. Don't just order a cappuccino; you've gotta try some of their unparalleled gastronomic delights for breakfast and lunch. With all the heart and soul poured into their hard work, the staff always creates incomparable edible art, from baked goods to coffee and everything in between!

8. Red Door Provisions, 117 Beechwood Ave.

This little cafe with a big menu will for sure exceed your expectations. Its modern kitchen environment will win you over, turning you and your friends into regulars. You can even grab a craft beer, glass of wine, or sandwich on their cute patio.

9. blumenstudio, 465 Parkdale Ave. 

If you're truly set on garnering a crazy amount of Insta likes, head to this florist/cafe with an inviting atmosphere. I mean, sipping on a latte while surrounded by blossoming flowers, can you think of anything more adorable and colourful?

10. Alice's Village Cafe, 3773 Carp Road

This coffee shop is literally located inside of a house, so you can bet it feels totally cozy and inviting. Plus, the chalkboard menus and rustic decor are definitely Insta material. Hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and sprinkles? Amazing weekly dinner specials? SO. DOWN. Split a huge, ooey-gooey cinnamon bun with your BFF and thank us later.

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